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Installation Services

Installation Services

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Professional Installation Services by MacroAir Field Services

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Installation services are available for MacroAir fans.

The above pricing is per unit. Quantity of installation services must match the total number of fans you wish to have installed.* Not applicable for the Macroair Airlite fan.

  • MacroAir's Responsibilities

    MacroAir Responsibilities:

    - Test and verify customer’s electrical power source.

    - Furnish a scissor-style lift that will reach up to 32 ft.

    - Verify mounting technique (I-beam, bar joist, glulam beam, etc.).

    - Attach fan mount to mounting structure.

    - Attach extension tube to upper mount.

    - Attach extension tube to fan power unit (if it’s a multi-fan network, ensure hanging fans in address order).

    - Secure the safety cable to the mounting structure.

    - Attach safety cable to the power unit.Install disconnect switches if provided.

    - Provide power from the electrical panel to fan disconnect up to 150ft (Additional distance will be an additional cost).

    - Route power wiring from power unit to customer-provided disconnect switch.

    - Provide breaker for electrical panel.

    - Terminate all electrical connections.

    - Mount fan controller at ground level (1/2 EMT conduit will be run to the ceiling deck height).

    - Route Cat5e shielded cable from fan to controller up to 100ft to power unit. (Additional distance will be an additional cost)

    - Terminate all control connections.

    - Install guy wires.Install fan blades and safety retainer links.

    - Customer training of fan operations if electric is in place.Installation to be performed during regular working from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM M-F.

  •  Customer Responsibilities:

     Customer Responsibilities:

    - Verify availability of 208–204 single-phase power in the building.

    - Verify available breaker space in available 208-240 single-phase panel.

    - Any conduit/electrical cable run in excess of what is described in the above scope of work will be an additional charge.

    - Specialty lifts will require additional costs – including but not limited to: snorkel lifts, narrow aisle lifts, lifts reaching beyond 32ft, and scaffolding.

    - Any required electrical permits are the responsibility of the customer.

    - Run Firewire or tie into fire suppression system

    - Span the difference between beams to give mountable surface. MacroAir can do this for an additional fee contact for a custom quote.

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