Take Two for Circulation. Helps You Improve Air Quality Health.

Indoor Air Quality Is Not a Choice. It’s an Essential Requirement.

The EPA, CDC, OSHA, NIH and ASHRAE all indicate that employers must provide health and comfort for their employees. These organizations have set IAC standards for:

  • Eliminating pollution, contagions and viruses
  • Controlling heat
  • Managing humidity

MacroAir fans help you achieve the IAC standards, in turn improving worker health, comfort and performance.

See how you can maintain a fresh air supply and air movement in work areas to keep employees healthy.

Keep your facility cooler with MacroAir big HVLS fans

Summer Cooling

When it’s hot and humid in the Summer, cooling your facility is necessary for human comfort. MacroAir big fans run in forward direction, moving an immense amount of air all around your facility, from ceiling to floor. This additional airflow from our big HVLS ceiling fans makes your facility feel cooler, keeps your employees comfortable, keeps your customers comfortable, improves worker productivity, and keeps your customers coming back.

Choosing MacroAir HVLS Fans is a Breeze

We invented big fans and continue to manufacture the most cost-efficient, quiet, beautiful, and powerful big commercial and industrial HVLS fans on the market. We are driven by four principles:

Move Air Precisely

Designing HVLS fans that produce ideal airflow for cooling and heating any application.

Move Air Efficiently

Creating big ceiling fans that move air at the absolute lowest operating cost.

Move Air Smoothly

Manufacturing big fans that are quiet and energy efficient.

Move Air Infinitely

Building large fans that maintain their high quality over time.

“Compared to gyms that don’t have these fans, the air quality is so much better at the gym that has MacroAir.”
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Parker Young

Youth Team Instructor, Vital Climbing Gym

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