HVLS Fans From The Inventors

Feel 8°-15° cooler while reducing your energy bill by up to 30%

"If it were not for these fans the warehouse would be unbearable in the summer months."

- Carmella Shafer

HVLS Fans - The Energy-Efficient Solution

HVLS stands for High-Volume, Low Speed and that's exactly what these fans do. HVLS fans, also known as industrial ceiling fans move a ton of air at a low speed to create an ultra-quiet and comfortable experience. Our HVLS fans range in size from 6-24 ft. in diameter and are great for most industries. They can push large amounts of air or create a gentle breeze with a variable speed operation. 

The benefit of these fans is that they are able to work with or without existing HVAC systems to reduce your energy bill while decreasing the effective temperature of your facility.  

  • For a complete year-round performance, our fans can spin in the opposite direction during winter to push warm air toward the floor and better distribute the warm air trapped in your ceiling. This eases your heating usage and provides further cost savings.

    When it's hot and humid in the Summer, you may experience a drop in productivity. MacroAir fans effectively create a cooling effect for your employees leaving them feeling up to 15° F cooler, even when air temperatures remain the same.

    HVLS fans run nearly silent. This enables staff and customers to enjoy a cool and quiet atmosphere.

  • By increasing airflow, you're also increasing the ventilation in your space.

    The EPA, CDC, OSHA, NIH, and ASHRAE all indicate that employers must provide health and comfort for their employees. These organizations have set IAC standards for:

    Eliminating pollution, contagions, and viruses

    Controlling heat

    Managing humidity

    MacroAir fans help you achieve the IAQ standards, in turn improving worker health, comfort, and performance.

  • No matter what season MacroAir fans provide floor-to-ceiling airflow.
    Industrial HVLS fans reduce the effective temperature in a forward direction and thus can decrease your energy consumption significantly in the summertime.

    In the winter HVLS fans push warm air down from the ceiling in a reverse direction. This allows you to reduce the amount of heating you need to keep your team comfortable and safe.

    HVLS Ceiling Fans are known for their energy efficiency with fans costing as little as $0.43 per day to operate!

    A more comfortable environment increases, retention, and employee productivity. 

  • Industrial HVLS fans are ceiling fans and thus are out of the way of your workers. This reduces the risk of injury from trips and falls.

    Clearing the floor also allows for increased product inventory and equipment. Increased space means increased profits. 

    One HVLS fan is as effective as 34 smaller fans! Imagine having 34 fans across your facility floor compared to having one large ceiling fan!

  • Parker Young - Vital Climbing Gym

    “Compared to gyms that don’t have these fans, the air quality is so much better at the gym that has MacroAir.”

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  • Mark Grodis - Crown Lexus

    "The amount of air these fans move is unreal. Efficient and quiet. I know it’s cut out $200-$300, maybe $400 a month running.”

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  • Tim Swift - Ritual Brewing Company

    “We had floor fans at first, but nothing really worked. The first week after we got a big fan it was really nice.”

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