Benefits of HVLS Fans

  • Financial Benefits

    • Minimize Energy Consumption
    • Reduce Energy Costs
    • Reduce HVAC Usage
  • Environmental Benefits

    • Enhance Air Circulation
    • Increase Comfort
    • Reduce Humidity Levels
  • Business Benefits

    • Boost Productivity
    • Increase Safety
    • Improve Morale

Financial Benefits of HVLS Fans

HVLS Fan in Gym

Minimize Energy Consumption

HVLS fans manage airflow to help minimize energy consumption for significant energy savings. 

Reduce Energy Costs

 HVLS fans have potential cost-savings of up to 49% on cooling and 20% on heating according to ASHRAE

Reduce HVAC Usage

HVLS fans complement HVAC systems, extending the reach and reducing workload. This lessens HVAC system usage and lowers unit repairs and replacements.

Environmental Benefits of HVLS Fans

HVLS Fan in Warehouse

Enhance Air Ciruculation

Just one HVLS fan can replace up to 38 traditional ceiling fans and effectively cover up to 22,000 square feet by moving high volumes of air at a slow, deliberate speed.  This effect may also improve indoor air quality.

Increase Comfort

HVLS fans create a cooling effect in facilities, leaving people feeling up to 15°F cooler by moving air down and out in all directions. The air evaporates the sweat on your skin, which makes you feel cooler. 

Reduce Humidity Levels

HVLS fans help lower and maintain humidity levels by increasing airflow to equalize the room temperature. This equalization reduces humidity and minimizes condensation from forming on concrete floors.

Business Productivity Benefits of HVLS Fans

HVLS fans improve worker productivity in warehouse

Boost Productivity

HVLS fans elevate comfort to help boost productivity and accuracy in the workplace. Lack of airflow causes decreased productivity, fatigue, and unsafe work habits, leading to careless mistakes. 

Increase Safety

  • HVLS fans create a safer, healthier environment for people and animals. The increased ventilation helps alleviate heat exhaustion and reduces the concentration of harmful airborne particles.

Improve Morale

Improved airflow and comfort from HVLS fans help to foster a happier & comfortable environment, increasing team morale, and increase employee retention.

  • MacroAir HVLS Energy savings

    In the spring of 2023, the Krell family installed the beautiful, sleek matte black AVD370 in their Idaho home to add substantial air movement in the living room. The open-concept area boasts 25 foot ceilings and a beautiful wall of windows overlooking the city.

    Since installing the 12’ AVD370, the family has seen a significant decrease in average energy usage and costs. In fact, year over year, their energy usage has decreased by 18% since adding their MacroAir fan. This is because the fan is utilized year round. During summer months, the fan circulates air downwards and outwards, ensuring even distribution throughout the room. Conversely, in winter, it functions in reverse to pull air upwards, effectively pushing warm air down from the ceiling and into the room. 

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