Sleek and silent air movement, elevated comfort, and increased efficiency.


  • Employee Discomfort

    MacroAir’s warehouse ceiling fans generate a quiet and soothing breeze in warehouses, increasing employee comfort levels and leaving people feeling up to 15°F cooler. These warehouse fans prevent poor air quality while fostering a pleasant environment to help increase employee morale and production.

  • Product Integrity and Shelf Life

    Warehouse ceiling fans help maintain even temperatures to sustain product integrity and increase shelf-life in warehouses. Moisture can be detrimental to the quality and lifespan of warehouse products, but MacroAir fans can help reduce condensation from forming on products.

  • Equipment Performance and Reliability

    HVLS ceiling fans help prevent equipment-generated heat from overheating while ensuring efficient equipment operation. Stable temperatures also help extend the lifespan of your equipment. Experience fewer malfunctions and breakdowns.

    Stable temperatures also help extend the lifespan of equipment. Experience fewer malfunctions and breakdowns.

  • Workplace Accidents and Safety

    MacroAir’s warehouse ceiling fans improve air circulation and increase ventilation in larger spaces, reducing the accumulation of harmful airborne particles. HVLS fans also help eliminate moisture and condensation build-up on floors to ensure the safety of employees and maintain an accident-free environment. 

Our Recommendations for Warehouse Ceiling Fans

  • Why the AVDX?

    The AVDX is the ultimate choice for any size warehouse facility or industrial building. With diameters ranging from 8-24 feet, a single fan can efficiently cover an impressive 22,000 square feet at only $0.16 per hour. Its exceptional durability, near-silent operation, and elegant design combined ensure employees remain cooler and more comfortable any time of the day.

  • The Powerhouse

    This fan is far superior to any fan before. The AVDX is a true powerhouse that can endure the harshest industrial environments without breaking a sweat.

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  • Why the AVD3?

    In any warehouse, the AVD3 is the ultimate ceiling fan for powerful airflow and remarkable energy efficiency. With 8-24 foot diameters, this high-performing fan integrates functionality and style into your design, all while delivering substantial cost savings. Remarkably quiet, a single unit can cover up to 17,000 square feet at an operating cost of just $0.05 per hour!

  • The Showstopper

    The show-stopping, 3-blade AVD3 is designed to be the optimal balance between form and functionality. Simplicity redefined. Confident, energy-efficient airflow at a fraction of the price.

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  • Why the AirVolution?

    The AirVolution is a rugged gear drive fan perfectly designed for durability in demanding warehouse environments. With sizes ranging from 8-24 feet in diameter, one fan efficiently cools up to 20,000 square feet at only $0.35 per hour. It's a reliable and cost-effective choice for any facility configuration.

  • The O.G.

    This fan is a dependable beast. With AirVolution, the sky's the limit! You get more than a fan, you get the hardest-working, most versatile cooling solution on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly can my initial investment typically be recouped?

  • The initial investment for MacroAir warehouse ceiling fans can be recovered in as little as 6 months.*

What are the potential energy savings that can be achieved with MacroAir?

  • MacroAir fans will save up to 30% or more on energy costs over time. 

How many small ceiling fans can be replaced by a single MacroAir fan?

  • One MacroAir fan replaces 38 small fans. 

What makes a MacroAir fan worth the price?

  • The high -quality and cost-effectiveness make MacroAir warehouse ceiling fans a perfect air movement solution. We are known for our state-of-the-art design and top-notch performance. *dependent on fan operation


Do MacroAir fans help with product integrity?

  • Yes, our warehouse ceiling fans are able to keep a consistent temperature to maintain product and material integrity, while preventing rusting on steel products. 

How do MacroAir fans keep floors safe?

  • MacroAir fans fight against sweating slab syndrome (wet concrete floors) caused by temperature clashes and condensation, keeping floors dry and safe for workers and equipment operation.

Do MacroAir fans combat humidity issues?

  • MacroAir fans circulate air to reduce moisture and humidity levels. 


What key information is needed to determine the appropriate number of fans required for a given space or application?

  • Gather the following: room size, building layout, ceiling height, and electrical needs. MacroAir recommends contacting our customer care representatives, so we can help to select the best fan for your space at 866-668-3247.

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This is a quick reference to our available warranties. Find all MacroAir warranty information on our website:


Does MacroAir have professional installation?

MacroAir does have professional installation! We would be happy to provide you with a quote and set up installation for you at the time of purchase.

How long does installation take?

The typical installation timeline for a two-man crew is approximately 2-3 hours per ceiling fan. MacroAir can usually finish up to 3 warehouse ceiling fans in a day depending on the scope of work and the installation specifics.

How quickly can someone be here to do the installation? 

A MacroAir installer can typically be on-site within a couple of days of the fan's arrival with advanced notice. The timeline is contingent upon the installation schedule. In the absence of prior notification, MacroAir may increase the time allocation for fan installations.

How do I get an installation quote? 

Contact MacroAir to get a quote on fan installation. MacroAir can also promptly arrange for an installer in your location to provide a quote. 

Is a fan warranty void if installation is done by the buyer?

Buyers are free to set up their own installation with no penalty to their warranty or warranty period. However, most fan issues arise from faulty installation. If a fan has been improperly installed, MacroAir will not cover replacement parts under the warranty.

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