The Legend

This ultimate utility fan uses tried and true technology proven to last over time. Performing better than any fan in her class, the legendary AirLegacy provides huge airflow while still meeting any budget.

  • *Avg. Price Per Hr.


  • Max Coverage

    20,000 Sq Ft

  • Diameter Range

    8-24 Ft

  • Years of Warranty

    15 Mech / 5 Elect.

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*Based on average of all fan diameters and national average rate of $0.15 per kilowatt hour as of May, 2024.

AirLegacy Features and Benefits

Integrated Gearmotor

  • Reliable and trusted performance
  • Durability in harsh conditions
  • Simple operation 
  • Costs an average cost of $2.79 per 8 hrs to run

6 Clear Coat anodized airfoil blades (8-24 ft)

  • Outside use
  • Rust resistant 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Effective and efficient air movement

Variable Frequency Drive

  • Flexibility in controllers
  • High reliability
  • Variable Speed
  • Forward direction operation, to help cool your space
  • Reverse direction operation, to help warm your space
  • Protection of the motor

Analog controller for one-to-one fan control

  • Simple operation
  • IP65 for use in damp environments

Safety components including safety cable, universal mount with guy wires, and blade retainer links

  • Adaptable and safe for any application
  • Safe fan operation

15 yr Mechanical/5 yr Electrical Warranty

  • Buy with confidence
  • Peace of mind
  • Team of knowledgeable customer service reps to assist you with any questions or needs

Overall Fan Benefits

  • Saves you up to 30% on energy costs
  • Keeps you feeling 8-15° cooler
  • Replaces 13-40 small fans
  • Frees up floor space
  • Keeps you and your people, equipment, and products safer
  • Improves building ventilation
  • Decreases humidity levels
  • Destratifies the air within a room
  • Standard Features:

    - Integrated Gearmotor

    - Clearcoat anodized airfoil blades

    - Forward, reverse, variable speed

    - Variable frequency drive - basic fire alarm integration

    - Analog wall control for one-to-one fan control

    - Safety Components: safety cable, Universal Mount with guy wires, blade retainer links

  • Includes:

    - 1.0-2.0 HP motor unit (diameter dependent)

    - 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, or 24 ft blade set (6 blades total)

    - Universal mount (for mounting the fan to ceiling structure/standard I-beam)

    - Installation hardware (all hardware needed for hanging fan/standard I-beam hardware kit)

    - Industrial grade VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)

    - Analog wall control (controls fan speed, on/off function, and forward/reverse)

    - 100 ft of CAT5 cable (connecting wall control to the VFD)

    - 25 ft of motor cable (connecting fan motor to VFD)

    - Installation/Operation manual

  • Specifications:

    - Industrial/Commercial HVLS ceiling fan with 6 anodized aluminum blades (airfoils)

    - 1.0- 2.0 HP AC induction gearmotor (diameter dependent)

    - 171-270 lbs

    - Input voltage: 208 – 240 volt single phase, 50/60 Hz

    - Most suitable for ceiling heights greater than 20 ft.

    - Rated for indoor and outdoor use

    - High voltage electric cable NOT INCLUDED (needed for connecting VFD to building power/breaker panel)

    - Professional installation recommended by licensed electrician

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