Generating Massive Airflow at Low Speed

With high ceilings and abundant square footage, large industrial facilities such as warehouses and manufacturing plants face airflow and ventilation challenges. Cooling and heating large wide range spaces is a challenge because cooling or heating the air can cost a fortune in HVAC equipment and operating costs.

An excellent solution are large industrial ceiling fans – also known as HVLS fans (High Volume, Low Speed). HVLS fans deliver a cost-effective climate control solution by generating large amounts of airflow. MacroAir’s large industrial fans create air movement and circulation that cools the air, helps control humidity, and can also help conserve warm air and heat in colder months

Big Industrial Fans vs. Small Industrial Fans

“We decided on large ceiling fans because our employees were really stressed with high heat environments, especially during the summer months. We felt like going to a large ceiling fan was the best option for keeping our employees cool.”
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Nick Soto

Operations Manager, thyssenkrupp Aerospace

Industrial Fan Solutions

Cool Employees

Large industrial ceiling fans cool the air and create a breeze that reduces the effective temperature (how hot you feel) by 8ºF. Large industrial fans provide exponential comfort for non-climatized spaces and notable monetary savings for air-conditioned spaces.

Reduce Humidity

Moisture can damage products and equipment and create slipping hazards. Constant air circulation minimizes these issues by mixing the air, preventing moisture deposits and reducing humidity. A typical floor fan lacks the continual circulation that industrial fans and blowers have.

Increase Productivity

Productivity drops when people become uncomfortably hot. The airflow generated by MacroAir’s large industrial fans maximizes the body’s natural means of cooling—evaporative cooling—making people far more comfortable.

Conserve Heat

Running big industrial ceiling fans in reverse generates a gentle updraft which forces the warm air off the ceiling and down into the occupied space. HVLS ceiling fans help the air circulation – keeping your staff warm.

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