Los ventiladores premium de accionamiento directo de MacroAir son ventiladores con motor sin engranajes de primera categoría. Menos piezas móviles significan menos ruido, menos peso y menos mantenimiento para usted. Todo esto equivale a una eficiencia energética incomparable.


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  • AirLite

    This mighty underdog provides proven quality at a fraction of the price! The AirLite’s simplistic plug-n-play design and unbeatable reliability give you comfort that will not go unnoticed.

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  • AirVolution

    This is one dependable beast. With AirVolution, the sky's the limit. Our original fan, the“OG”is the hardest working, most versatile cooling solution on the market.

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  • AirLegacy

    This ultimate utility fan uses tried and true technology proven to last over time. Performing better than any fan in her class, the legendary AirLegacy provides huge airflow while still meeting any budget.

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  • AVD370

    This sleek, iconic fan packs a punch! The AVD370 truly transforms any size space. Tailor-made comfort and refreshing style designed specifically for you and your people.

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  • AVD3

    The showstopping AVD3 is designed to be the optimal balance between form and function. Simplicity redefined. Confident, efficient airflow at a fraction of the price. 

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  • AVDX

    This fan is far superior to any fan before. The AVDX is a true powerhouse that can endure the harshest industrial environments without breaking a sweat.

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  • AirRival

    This fan is a game-changer! Navigate unrivaled air anywhere! The 6 ft AirRival delivers effortless airflow - conveniently and calmly to you and your peeps. Just plug it in, and simply ENJOY!

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