Circulating Air Evenly in Your Space

Temperature and air quality can quickly shift when a room fills with people. It is challenging to circulate hot or cold air evenly throughout a building. Uneven air can create hot and cold spots. MacroAir large commercial fans are a great climate control solution for public spaces and industrial warehouses because they homogenize the air and cut down on heating and cooling cost.

Large Commercial Ceiling Fans

We offer a wide variety of commercial ceiling fan solutions to meet all your cooling needs. With outstanding customer service and best-in-class warranty service, our automation-ready commercial energy saving commercial fans offer direct-drive motors with onboard motor control, anodized airfoils, a patented safety system, and multiple control features with reverse functionality.

“Compared to gyms that don’t have these fans, the air quality is so much better at the gym that has MacroAir.”
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Parker Young

Youth Team Instructor, Vital Climbing Gym

Commercial Fan Solutions

Cool Your Customers

Running big commercial fans in the forward direction creates optimal air movement that reduces the effective temperature (how hot you feel) by 8ºF. This allows you to increase your thermostat setting without compromising comfort or increasing energy costs. It also makes non-conditioned spaces bearable.

Increase Employee Productivity

Worker productivity drops when people become uncomfortably hot. Airflow maximizes the body’s natural means of cooling—evaporative cooling—making people far more comfortable.

Conserve Heat

Running large commercial ceiling fans in reverse generates a gentle updraft which forces the warm air off the ceiling and down into the occupied space.

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