Fans designed to improve production, reduce energy costs, and improve air quality.

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How can MacroAir fans benefit you?

Save you money on energy costs.

Keep animals comfortable, alleviating heat stress.

Improve overall air quality.

Help to increase production.

Reduce spoilage of perishable products/inventory.

Increase air circulation & provide humidity control.

Keep greenhouse plants drier & healthier.

Keep your employees comfortable & healthy.

Horses love coming into the stable. The fans keep the barn 10 degrees cooler. And, there’s no dust. The fans work so well.

Brian with Blue Apple Ranch

Ramona, CA


Keep ‘Em Cool and Productive

MacroAir’s HVLS fans can provide a natural cooling effect of 6-8° or more by creating a non-disruptive breeze, according to Research shows that a cool cow is a productive cow. In fact, according to the University of CA Riverside, milk production is 15-20% higher when cows are under our fans vs. smaller high-speed fans. MacroAir’s HVLS fans are a simple, cost-effective solution to keep your animals comfortable and productive.