Next-generation power

    A direct-drive motor that’s 3× smaller yet 5× more powerful.

    D-Drive, next-generation DC motorOnly 24’ direct-drive fan on the market
    50% greater continuous horsepower

    Next-generation quiet

    By eliminating the gearbox, we’ve eliminated the noise.

    Quietest HVLS fan lineOnly 2 moving parts
    No gear or friction noise

    Next-generation smart

    AirBrain brings advanced, upgradeable control to HVLS.

    On-board AirBrain processorGround level diagnostics via touchpad remote
    Integrates into operations systems via gateway

    Six ways AirVolution-D saves money.


    A/C Savings of up to 30%


    The airflow from AirVolution-D lowers effective temperature to make your HVAC system much more efficient.

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    Distribute heat more efficiently


    Running in reverse, AirVolution-D redistributes overhead heated air and mixes it to eliminate the hot and cold spots.

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    Runs silently, 24/7 on pennies a day


    AirVolution-D creates efficient climate control with more power, less noise and longer life than any other HVLS fan line.

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    Interfaces with your current system via gateway


    The on-board AirBrain controller integrates into almost any building operation system for unprecedented fan control.

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    Cuts installation time in half


    With no guy wires and a simplified mounting system, AirVolution-D makes installation safer, easier and faster.

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    The industry’s first 50,000 hour warranty


    AirVolution-D needs no maintenance and runs with less friction and fewer moving creating a truly trouble-free fan.

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    Three AirVolution-D Models

    Model 370

    • 6′ to 12′
    • 60 to 90 lbs
    • 0.25 hp
    • 9.6 ft-lb

    Small Space Solution
    Ideal for ceiling heights of 10 to 12 ft. Sleek looks and two custom color options add to its appeal, allowing it to blend with any setting. For small spaces like offices, restaurants, and lobbies, the AirVolution-D is a perfect fit.

    Model 550

    • 8′ to 18′
    • 120 to 160 lbs
    • 1.05 hp
    • 51.6 ft-lb

    Medium to Large Spaces
    For medium to large spaces, the AirVolution-D 500 series fan is extremely effective at controlling temperature and humidity. Ideal locations include auto shops, gyms, and agricultural applications like dairy farms and equine facilities.

    Model 780

    • 20′ to 24′
    • 189 to 213 lbs
    • 2.10 hp
    • 125.4 ft-lb

    Extra-Large Spaces
    Designed for heavy-duty applications, it ‘s perfect for extra-large spaces like warehouses, airplane hangars, airports, and stadiums. Lighter weight and easy mounting without guy wires or extra support systems.

    AirVolution-D vs. the competition

    The new light-heavyweight champion of the world.

    Lighter, yet much more powerful. That’s the incredible efficiency of the new direct drive AirVolution-D.

    Scott Reynolds
    D-Drive has allowed us to build a fan that’s up to 150lbs lighter with 137 fewer moving parts.
    Scott Reynolds
    Scott ReynoldsAirVolution-D Design Team


    • 6-24 ft in diameter
    • 0.25, 1.05 & 2.1 Horsepower Motors
    • Variable Speed – 208-240V Single or 3 Phase, 460-380V 3 Phase, 600V 3 Phase
    • 50 or 60 Hz


    • Custom powder coating
    • Custom blade anodizing
    • Custom extensions
    • Corrosion-resistant coating

    Comes standard with Digital Touchpad Controller ›


    Every MacroAir product is designed to make ownership a breeze. That’s why each comes with The 50,000 Hour Warranty.

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    550 & 780 installation manual download ›

    370 installation manual download ›