The HVLS fans have provided a cost savings to us. We have seen a reduction in propane use (our shop heaters) and we will recoup the cost of these fans over time. -Michael Jensen, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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MacroAir AirStar HVLS Fan

Sleek, industrial design and smooth, powerful performance.
It's a quiet revolution.

Save energy and money at every turn.

MacroAir fans can lower your energy costs by up to 20% over conventional HVAC solutions. By efficiently redistributing air at pennies a day, even one fan can produce dramatic savings.

Smart Decision Making Tool - AirViz

Smart Decision Making Tool – AirViz

You may already know that MacroAir high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans are a proven solution for changing perceptible room temperature by 5 degrees, and lowering heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent when used with traditional HVAC equipment. You may also know that MacroAir manufactures five lines of HVLS fans in diameters from 6 to 24 feet, all of whic…
The HVLS story:  In 1998, dairy farmers were looking for a way to cool their cows to reduce heat stress. Air conditioning was too expensive and it was impossible to run the ductwork in the barns. Small barn fans helped, but didn’t cover a wide enough area, consumed excessive and costly energy, and required ongoing maintenance. The engineers at Mechanization Systems Company (now known as MacroAir) created a huge fan with blades spanning 24’ instead of the typical 2’. And to create a gentle breeze, the fan speed was a fraction of the speed of small fans.