Employees were uncomfortable during the hot summer months.


Installed AirVolution-D 780 fans throughout their facility.


Increased employee comfort, resulting in increased productivity.

Conducting operations at thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a material supplier in Santa Fe Springs, California, is a huge responsibility. Managing this facility means planning, organizing and supervising the day-to-day production, with the biggest concern being the well-being of the workers. MacroAir’s large ceiling fans are the key elements that help operations run smoothly and create a more comfortable environment for the workers in their warehouse.

If thyssenkrupp’s facility gets too hot, cold, wet (sweating slab syndrome), stale or dry, the workforce is much less comfortable, causing workers to be less productive. MacroAir’s large industrial ceiling fans help increase human comfort by distributing air evenly throughout the facility. This creates an environment where the workers want to return and do their best work.

“Since the fans have been installed we get a lot more airflow. I’d say that I feel at least a 15 to 20 degree difference at times.” – Brad Rice, Machine Operator, thyssenkrupp Aerospace

The optimal air movement generated by MacroAir fans is what helps keep the employees at thyssenkrupp feeling comfortable, allowing them to stay productive in their work.

“We decided on large ceiling fans because our employees were really stressed with high heat environments, especially during the summer months. We tried some floor spot cooling fans but they often got damaged from forklift traffic and also became a trip hazard. We felt like going to a large ceiling fan was the best option for keeping our employees cool.” – Nick Soto, Operations Manager, thyssenkrupp Areospace

The productivity of the hard working employees of thyssenkrupp Aerospace is dependent on how they feel in their workspace. MacroAir big industrial ceiling fans create comfortable airflow throughout their facility, which increases employee comfort, resulting in increased productivity.

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