When temperatures rose above 100 degrees, the organization’s ability to attract competitors and revenue was put in danger.


They installed a MacroAir AirVolution 24′ fan in the center of the arena.


The heat of competitions is eased by the comfortable breeze of the MacroAir fan and they saved $3,000 a month in energy costs.

Cowboys and cowgirls come to Riverside Rancheros Equestrian Center to compete in events like calf roping, cattle sorting and barrel racing. But their biggest challenge is the brutally hot weather during spring and summer. With temperatures above 100 degrees, the animals as well as the organization’s ability to attract competitors – and revenue – is put in danger.

Radiating Heat

Riverside Rancheros is situated on 30 acres of land with a 150 by 330 feet covered, open sides arena built in 1987 to host competitions, and events. Unfortunately, the structure’s metal roof radiates heat and the surrounding valley blocks natural breezes from blowing. Contestants complain about high temperatures and stagnant hot air underneath the arena.

Creating Air Flow Without Upsetting Horses

Riverside Rancheros knew they had to create more airflow through the arena and even considered cutting vents into the metal roof. That’s when, Louie Tavaglione, a Rancheros board member, saw an ad for HVLS fans installed in a similar facility in Texas.

Luckily, Riverside Rancheros is located only 15 miles away from MacroAir’s headquarters. They visited the plant to see how the technology would benefit their arena by seeing – and feeling – the largesize fans in action.

Riverside Rancheros purchased a 24-foot AirVolution fan, which was installed in the center of the arena. On a warm summer night they held an American Cancer Society fund raiser with over 350 people in the arena. The fan made the event quite comfortable for all in attendance and Louie received lots of compliments on the comfortable breeze it produced. Even the heat of competitions is eased by a single gently revolving MacroAir fan.

Needless to say, now everyone at Riverside Rancheros is sitting taller in the saddle.

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