Pritzlaff Conservation Center

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The office did not want heaters, heat pumps or additional heating and cooling.


They installed multiple Aeratron by MacroAir AE3 fans.


A comfortable and energy-efficient space with added design aesthetic.

Steve Windhager is the executive director at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, the nation’s oldest botanic garden focused exclusively on plants native to California. Windhager wanted the botanic garden to also be role model for sustainability, a goal that Macro Air was more than happy to help with.

“The concept for this building from the very beginning was to try to make this building as much as possible be passively heated and cooled. Initially, thought we could get away without having to use any heater or any heat pump so ceiling fans were of course a real important part of trying to make this a really comfortable space that people could enjoy being in.”

When looking into fans, the options had to have an architectural look to fit in with their sleek white ceilings while not being distracting. In addition, they had to be energy-efficient since the fans are on 12 hours a day for half the year. The look and efficiency of MacroAir’s Aeratron fan checked off both needs and competitors just couldn’t compete with the price tag.

After installation, the building was immediately more comfortable for every staff member. One of the biggest advocates for MacroAir was their architect. With the look, performance, appearance, and cost factor, there was no other choice for them.

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