Midland Christian


They were having trouble minimizing utility costs in their new building.


They installed two MacroAir AVD 370 fans.


The fans added silent climate control, fulfilling their goal to be comfortable and present during worship services.

Palpable excitement filled the space as faculty, staff, and the board of trustees gathered in the new student life center to enjoy Midland Christian School’s annual appreciation dinner. Each year Midland enjoys the opportunity to thank its shareholders, but this year was unique: the venue was its freshly built student life center. The center houses the school’s first-class kitchen and cafeteria, worship space, and meeting area. Two MacroAir AirVolution-D 370 fans deliver gentle airflow throughout the space.


During the design phase of the facility, Midland was looking for cost-saving products to steward its resources by minimizing utility costs. Its architect suggested MacroAir HVLS fans to offset the cooling costs. Located in Texas, Midland experiences at least four months of humid, upper 90°F weather. Initially the fans seemed very expensive, but when the cost-savings became clear, Midland included the fans in the project. The fans deliver a gentle, cooling breeze that accelerates the body’s natural means of cooling. This enables Midland to set the thermostat in the student life center 3-5° higher without affecting the student’s and faculty’s perceived comfort level.

Why MacroAir?

Jared Lee, Midland’s Academic Dean, shared with us why they chose MacroAir’s fans:

“MacroAir fans provide a state-of-the-art way to move air. Our kitchen equipment is first-class, and we wanted all first-class equipment in the areas where our stakeholders gather. We bought products we thought had longevity potential: we expect this building to function the same in 35 years as it does today. With the 50,000-hour warranty, we had confidence in MacroAir.”

“We like to work with companies that share our values. MacroAir has a family feel, and we appreciate working with them.”

The Experience

Chapel takes place in the student life center, and it’s important that they can be present with God, themselves, and the community within the space. During these special moments, distractions are not tolerated. Although they don’t want to hear any electronics, they need to be comfortable to maintain their focus. Even with the fans running at full speed, Jared is thankful and proud to report that they do not make any noise.

“The kids love them. When they first came into the space they immediately noticed the fans. The fans really produce a state of the art feel.” -Jared Lee

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