Kaizen Martial Arts Academy


Very little airflow and ran the A/C around the clock to the tune of $900 a month with little effect on comfort.


They installed a 16′ MacroAir HVLS fan to distribute the air.


The comfort level is increased and cooling costs are reduced by $1,500 per year.


Kaizen Martial Arts Academy suffered from a classic case of a cavernous building with high ceilings that had very little airflow. In the hot summer months, the 5,000 square foot facility felt less like a fitness center and more like a sweat lodge.

To compensate for the uncomfortable heat, owner Anthony Hanks had been running his A/C around the clock to the tune of $900 a month, with little to no effect on the relative comfort level. Students were breaking a sweat even before they began their training regimen, and the heat distracted them from their focus and concentration.

  • Large space with high ceilings and poor airflow
  • Inefficient A/C system
  • Uncomfortable students and complaints about temperature
  • High cooling costs


The installation of a 16-foot MacroAir HVLS fan mounted above the dojo created a large column of air that moved down and out across the floor, providing a refreshing, gentle breeze to the students below. Because the airflow actually accelerated the rate of perspiration evaporating from the skin, students didn’t complain about feeling damp and sticky. And Anthony saw a savings of $1,500 a year on his cooling costs.

  • Installed 16-foot MacroAir HVLS fan
  • Large column of air increased comfort level
  • Reduced cooling costs by $1,500 a year

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