Illinois Tollway


Poor air circulation caused hot and cold spots to appear throughout the facility.


MacroAir installed two MacroAir 24′ AirVolution fans in each of the buildings.


The fans created a more comfortable environment for customers and eliminated hot and cold spots.

Commercial Building Products magazine published an article in their June issue about the Illinois Tollway Road System, appropriately dubbed “Oasis,” which encompasses six 40,000 sq-ft glass-façade buildings that are accessible from various points on the highway. These buildings were designed with the road weary traveler in mind, to provide a comfortable place to rest, grab a bite to eat and recharge before hitting the road again. Additionally, these facilities tout generous meeting spaces, allowing commuting professionals to host business meetings, training seminars, and more.

When the management of the oasis began looking for an efficient way to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere, they turned to Chicago based manufacture R. Williamson & Associates, who selected to install two color customized, 24-ft. MacroAir HVLS fans in each of the buildings.

Scott Williamson, of R. Williamson & Associates, believes that HVLS technology can complement existing HVAC systems due to the fans dynamic functionality:

“The HVLS fans create a comfortable environment by circulating air within the entire space, creating a consistent temperature from floor to ceiling. This eliminates the hot and cold spots that exist when circulation is lacking. You can have the sun beating down on you and still be comfortable because of the consistent indoor atmosphere the fans help create.”

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