Glasbern Inn


A/C ductwork was $30,000 more than the budget and wouldn’t be built in time for peak wedding season.


They purchased two MacroAir 12′ AirStar fans to cool the space.


The fans keep guests cool and comfortable and saved them $30,000 in upfront costs.

Al Granger had already begun new construction at his historic Pennsylvania hotel, the Glasbern Inn. Soon it would be a fairy-tale destination for weddings and banquets. But when his architect proposed under-floor heating and A/C ductwork above he nearly passed out at the altar. It was not only $30,000 more than his budget, but it also wouldn’t be built in time for the peak wedding season.

Al also didn’t want to spoil the charm of the barn’s rafters by running unsightly ductwork.

When he heard about HVLS fans he wondered if they could be a solution. Turns out MacroAir fans were the key to a ductless heating and cooling system that proved to be a perfect match.

“The fans are fantastic, not only did i get them up and running by our opening but they saved me thousands up-front and continue to save us in lower energy bills every month.”

Al purchased two 12’ AirVolution models. Both fans move air from three big wall vents high up on the
barn. the MacroAir fans quietly and efficiently circulate the air throughout the building keeping guests cool and comfortable. When it comes to weddings, that’s no easy feat. Now the whole space enjoys cool gentle air in summer and warm, even airflow in winter. And Al will save on energy bills happily ever after.

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