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Warm and humid weather caused moisture build-up on products and discomfort for visitors and staff.


They installed two MacroAir 20′ AirVolution fans in their showroom to distribute the air.


The moisture issue was eliminated and the utility bill dropped $1,800 in the first month.

Commercial air conditioning systems are expensive, and large indoor spaces require large systems to cool the entire room effectively.

G. Smith Motorsports is a custom motorcycle manufacturer located about 30 minutes outside of New Orleans. Every vehicle that leaves the building is considered a work of art and as such, the company uses its 20,000 square-foot space as a museum-like showroom for entertaining high-end clients.

HVAC systems and box fans consume vast amounts of energy and are expensive to run. According to the company, its existing air conditioning system didn’t have the power necessary to completely cool its space.

When the team at G. Smith Motorsports started looking to fight the warm, humid days of Louisiana – to keep machinery moisture-free and visitors and staff cool – they instinctively looked for cutting-edge technology with energy saving benefits.


G. Smith Motorsports did its HVLS homework – the company compared different HVLS products and selected MacroAir fans for the company’s quality customer service and competitive pricing. The fans can reduce humidity by continually redistributing air – doing so prevents the air from becoming saturated with moisture.

To supplement to its HVAC system, the company installed two 20-foot AirVolution fans in its showroom and the results were felt right away. Gary Smith Sr., president of G. Smith Motorsports stated,

“Our utility bill dropped immediately and we saw the savings in the first month, around $1,800.”

The MacroAir HVLS fans allow the company to run its AC at a lower level, and the fans require little maintenance. Service Manager, Johnny Bombara stated,

“We don’t have a moisture issue anymore. It’s a cool fan and it goes with what we do. High-end fans with the high-end products that we offer.”

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