CrossFit Essentials


The facility was hot and sticky in the summer.


They installed a MacroAir AVD3 ceiling fan.


Their energy usage was less in their newer larger facility with a MacroAir AVD3 fan and their customers were more comfortable while working out.

CrossFit Essentials is more than a fitness regimen; it’s an accountability team, a cheering squad, and a lifestyle. Since 2012, CrossFit Essentials has helped people in the McDonough, Georgia area accomplish their fitness goals. The success of their programs drew so many people that they needed to move to a larger space.

They moved into their new building in July, and the hot, sticky summer quickly forced them to consider cooling solutions. In their old space they relied on floor fans, but they knew the amount of floor fans they’d need for the new space would be ridiculous. CrossFit Essentials looked at a variety of large commercial fan manufacturers and chose a MacroAir AVD3 based on the price of the fan as well as the financing option.

“They worked with us to figure out financing. It was really, really helpful for us. We’re a month-to-month business. We really wanted to get the fan in, but if it had been all at once, we wouldn’t have been able to do it.” Mandy, CrossFit Essentials General Manager

One large ceiling fan has proven to be more efficient than their old floor fans. CrossFit Essentials’ power bill is actually less at their new, bigger space than it was at the smaller space. Mandy says that the only things they use power for are lights, music, and the fans. This simple list of energy consumers makes it very apparent that the large commercial ceiling fan delivers considerable energy savings over floor fans.

Their customers really like the fan. If the staff forgets to turn the fan on, the customers are sure to let them know!

“If you workout in stagnant air, your sweat is just going to sit on you. We’ve had a good response, people are really happy with it.” Mandy

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