Cool Your Employees with Big Fans

The productivity of office workers can decrease 10% with poor ventilation and uncomfortably high temperatures. Help your employees perform their best with high-performing MacroAir big commercial ceiling fans.

Big fans are a reliable solution that save you money over their lifetime. They are ultra-quiet and, with many custom color options, MacroAir big commercial fans blend seamlessly into any office environment.

Push productivity and lower your energy bills with MacroAir big fans. It just may be the smartest business decision you make all year.

“The concept for this building from the very beginning was to try to make this building as much as possible be passively heated and cooled. Initially, thought we could get away without having to use any heater or any heat pump so ceiling fans were of course a real important part of trying to make this a really comfortable space that people could enjoy being in.”
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Steve Windhager

Executive Director, Pritzlaff Conservation Center

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