Part Workhorse, Part Racehorse

The AirVolution-D 550 is part workhorse, part racehorse. This premium large commercial ceiling fan is both powerful and sleek, providing the ideal solution for air movement in your medium to large commercial spaces. With 2.1 horsepower in the AirVolution-D 550’s compact motor design, you can get the airflow you need without compromising on the design. AirVolution-D 550 now features Guardian Drive for advanced performance and circuit protection to withstand even the harshest industrial environments.





feet in diameter


mechanical parts warranty


operating hours standard electrical parts warranty

Direct drive

permanent magnet motor


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Direct-Drive Motor

The AirVolution-D’s patented direct-drive motor eliminates the need for a gearbox, increasing sustained torque, power efficiency, and durability while decreasing noise and weight, even when compared to other gearless direct-drive motors:

  • Only two moving parts; requires zero maintenance
  • Zero liquids, no oils that could leak from a gearbox
  • Rated for indoor and outdoor environments

"MacroAir has delivered an end-product that not only helps out with the actual temperature gauging, but as well as the comfort and workout set that my clients want."
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Damion Meyer

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Color Customization

Your business is unique, so your fan should be too. What better way to accentuate your space than to match its color scheme? When it comes to personalizing your fan there are endless possibilities. Take a look at some cool color options. or download the RAL color chart in PDF format.

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