In Sioux Falls, SD temperatures can get as low as 34°F during the winter. It’s not the first place you would look to find high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fans distributing air. For Schulte Subaru, a 50,000 sq. ft. car dealership that sells and maintains quality vehicles, MacroAir big ceiling fans provide heat distribution for the entire space by running in reverse.

What Happens When There Isn’t Even Heat Distribution?

Problem: You will typically find that heat systems are located above the floor or by the ceiling in most automotive spaces to avoid interfering with daily operations. Since heat tends to stay up high, temperatures on ceilings can be up to 35º higher than on the floor.

Solution: If you are looking for ways to help distribute heat, MacroAir big fans help heat distribution throughout the space during the extremely cold winters. Yes, you read that correctly, MacroAir big ceiling fans heat dealerships and service centers just as well as they cool it off.

HVLS Fans Heat Things Up

You may have not known that HVLS fans have a reverse mode. The fans’ reverse function can help heat up automotive space by pushing warm air provided by the building’s heating system upward and outward, forcing the hot air to distribute down the building walls and evenly across the floor. When the fans move the warm air across the facility, that heat provides a comfortable climate for staff and customers.

Conventional thinking would have you believe that big, slow moving ceiling fans – or ceiling fans in general – are only good for cooling down spaces. For Schulte Subaru, running MacroAir fans in reverse is the preferred direction for heating the service bay during cold winters.

What other methods do you use to evenly distribute heat? Just leave a comment below with some of the methods you use.

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