When it comes to air quality and preventing circulation of viruses, ventilation is the name of the game. EPA argues that increased ventilation is the most important way to lower the concentrations of indoor air pollutants and contaminants, including any viruses that may be in the air.

Among HVAC engineers, there is a saying: “Solution to pollution is dilution.” And that’s what ventilation does. Ventilation dilutes indoor airborne pollutants coming from various indoor sources, which reduces the level of contaminants and improves IAQ.

Does UV Radiation Help with Circulation and Ventilation

Some HVLS fan vendors recently incorporated UVC lamps into their fans, saying that the combination of fans and UVC lamps is the best way to ensure a safe environment. Truth be told, the radiation in UVC lamps can help kill viruses, but it doesn’t do anything to help with circulation and ventilation. Also, radiation is a very complicated area of science that requires a lot of expertise. Do fan vendors espousing this technology have the necessary level of knowledge? Probably not.

MacroAir Fans Do the Best Job of Circulating and Increasing Ventilation Effectiveness

As the inventor of industrial ceiling fans, our company’s mission is to help improve the lives of our customers and their valued employees and customers. We are committed to manufacturing fans that offer the best circulation and ventilation on the market today. At MacroAir, we build industrial and commercial fans for life.

MacroAir’s HVLS fans continuously mix incoming fresh air, vastly improving indoor air quality. Because HVLS fans constantly mix air from roof to floor, a constant state of thermal equilibrium exists inside the building.

In addition to these benefits, MacroAir fans are the most affordable high-quality fans on the market today.

MacroAir’s Solution

MacroAir follows the science of aerobiology to deliver the safest fans in the industry. If you believe that adding UVC lamps to your MacroAir fans would be beneficial to your work environment, we strongly encourage you to work with a UVC lamp expert to come up with the safest, most efficacious solution.

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