If you were challenged with finding a way to cool down an industrial-size space and you had to pick between one fan versus using multiple fans to get it done, what would you do?

Because of the large circumference and specially designed airfoils of MacroAir large industrial ceiling fans, it only takes one of our fans to create balanced and comfortable airflow in a large area, compared to 34 small fans to get similar results.

Premium Industrial Space 

The use of space in industrial environments is usually limited because any areas that are free are more than likely occupied by workers or equipment. This can be problematic if you try to use ground fans for cooling on a production or distribution floor.

Additionally, a lot of traditional small ground fans create safety challenges because of trip hazards from exposed wires, which also can make it difficult to navigate free space. Big industrial fans are not only a practical way to help provide comfortable airflow for workers, the fans also assist in providing a safer work environment.

“We decided on large ceiling fans because our employees were really stressed with high heat environments, especially during the summer months.  We tried some floor spot cooling fans but they often got damaged from forklift traffic and also became a trip hazard. We felt like going to a large ceiling fan was the best option for keeping our employees cool.” – Nick Soto, Operations Manager, thyssenkrupp Areospace

Why Bigger is Better

The biggest benefits of using a bigger industrial fan instead of many smaller industrial fans is the reduction in energy usage. An average small industrial fan spins several times faster than a large industrial fan. MacroAir fans are designed to move high volumes of air at low speeds. This means you need fewer large fans to achieve what takes many small fans to accomplish.

It Only Takes One Fan to Start Saving  

Big industrial fans use a lot less energy than traditional fans because they push a lot of air and they work well with air conditioning systems. A big industrial fan can reduce the amount of electricity that your HVAC system uses each month, further improving your energy efficiency. In fact, some MacroAir customers have been able to reduce their air conditioning tonnage by a full 25% by turning up their thermostat while running the fans.

The large, slow-moving columns of air created by big industrial fans have a wider reach, create less noise, and operate more efficiently than traditional small fans. MacroAir industrial fans are the latest in innovative large ceiling fan technology, providing a more efficient means of keeping employees comfortable, which helps companies maintain quality work output and a safe environment.

Click the link below to learn more about how MacroAir big fans can cool down your industrial space more efficiently than regular small fans.

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