Remember the old days when we were in the office five days a week for eight to 10 hours a day. The good news is those old days are starting to come back. Companies are trying desperately to open up and return to some semblance of normalcy. How best can they do this?
Let’s see what the experts have to say.

  • Ensure that ventilation systems in your facility operate properly.
  • Increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible by opening windows and doors and using fans.
  • Install high-efficiency air filters.
  • Increase ventilation rates in the work environment.
  • Ensuring proper ventilation with outside air can help reduce the concentration of indoor airborne contaminants, including viruses.

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that. It’s all about ventilation, with a touch of circulation.

Why Is Ventilation So Critical for Ensuring a Healthy Work Environment?

EPA says it best. Ventilation helps reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants indoors.
When an infected person exhales or coughs infectious particles into the air, these particles can stay suspended for long periods of time, exposing other people that are breathing the same air. With more ventilation, more of the infectious particles will be removed from the space, keeping people safer.

What Role Do HVLS Fans Play with Ventilation?

HVLS fans enable circulation of a large volume of air, which increases ventilation.
HVLS fans also continuously mix air and prevent creation of pollution hot spots through even dilution and removal of pollutants.

Why Are MacroAir Fans the Best Solution for Ventilation?

As the inventor of industrial ceiling fans, MacroAir has a company mission of helping improve the lives of our customers and their valued employees and customers. At MacroAir, we follow science, and we build industrial and commercial fans that will ensure a healthy work environment. We create fans for life.

Make Sure to Tell Your Employees About Your MacroAir Fans

As your employees return to work, you want to take steps to help them feel safe. Telling them that your fans reduce the spread of pollutants and viruses will go a long way.
Employees will care more deeply for your company if they know they are being looked after. Employees are your most important asset. Putting every effort into keeping your employees safe will encourage better teamwork and increased productivity.

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