The word revolutionary shouldn’t be thrown around lightly, but when you are able to engineer a new motor that completely eliminates the need for gears (which have literally been at the core of HVLS operation for years), revolutionary may be a fair descriptor. Currently there is only one gearless fan on the market, the AirVolution-D by MacroAir. MacroAir, with its partners, has adapted a transverse flux, brushless, sensor-less direct drive DC motor to run a 24-foot HVLS fan. This gearless motor system, also known as the D-Drive, is a breakthrough in motor technology.

Gearless HVLS fans move more air at lower speeds and do so without the use of traditional gear technology that has been a source of fan noise. The new, gearless motor is smaller, stronger, and offers whisper-quiet performance. To see why the fans with gearless motors are quickly becoming the HVLS fans of choice for facility managers worldwide, we have reviewed the top 10 benefits of gearless motors in HVLS fans.

Top 10 Benefits of Gearless Motors in HVLS Fans

1. Whisper Quiet Operation

Gearless motor HVLS fans are the cooling solution that move more air, are quieter and offer the greatest energy savings. The gearless motor system has fewer mechanical parts, which leads to less friction and noise. This affords the gearless motor fans, such as the AirVolution-D, whisper quiet operation as the quietest HVLS fan on the market.

2. Accepts a Wide Range of Voltages

AirVolution-D includes additional helpful features. One of the most advantageous of these features is the ability to accept a wide range of voltages. The 780 and 550 models are offered with either low or high voltage.

Module Phase Nominal Voltage Range (VAC) Allowable Variation from Nominal AC Frequency (Hz)
High 1 or 3 380-600 +/-5% 50/60
Low 1 or 3 110 (550 only), 208-277 +/-5% 50/60

Table 1, High and low input voltage range for the AirVolution-D 780 and 550 models

This wide range allows for easy installation of the fans throughout the world, especially in America, Canada, Europe and Asia. It can also be tied into special lighting circuits that run at 277 VAC.

3. Unmatched Energy Efficiency

The AirVolution-D HVLS fan provides unmatched energy efficiency and will work in perfect harmony with any existing heating and cooling systems to augment their existing cooling and heating, reduce HVAC output and reduce energy consumption.

  • Lowers A/C costs dramatically
  • Energy savings of up to 30%
  • Runs for pennies a day

4. Added Safety Features

Using an AirBrain processor in HVLS fans allows for added safety features that are not found in traditional HVLS fans that use VFDs.

  • Level Sensor: The AirBrain allows for a level sensor so that if the fan moves past a certain angle, the fan will slow down and stop. This situation can occur if it is hit with an object or experiences serious crosswinds.
  • Speed Monitoring: The AirBrain monitors the speed of the motor and checks it against an acceptable torque range. If it is outside that range, the fan will slow down and stop so the problem can be fixed.

These added intelligent features to the custom drive allow the already safe fan to be even safer, while allowing for easy installation of the fan across various input voltages.

5. Only HVLS Fan Rated up to 140°F

The AirVolution-D creates air flow that is generated by the centripetal motion of the air within a hollow blade. No additional active air movement is required.


This system works so well that the AirVolution-D HVLS fan is rated up to 140°F (60°C). This is 18°F(10°C) higher than any other HVLS fan and allows it to be installed in the hottest climates, even high up in hot rafters.

6. Highest Performing HVLS Fan on the Market

Tests were run to see how well the24-foot AirVolution-D performs alongside our own 24-foot AirSpan fan as well asa 24-foot fan of one of our leading competitors.

AirVolution-D 24 ft Competitor 24 ft AirSpan 24 ft
AirFlow (CFM 1999) Value 346000 314000 326000
% Improvement NA 10% 6%
Electro-Mechanical Efficiency @ 60% Value 76% 59% 61%
% Improvement NA 30% 24%
Weight (lb) Value 213 408 270
% Lighter NA 48% 21%
Height (in) Value 13 28 28
% Shorter NA 54% 54%


The figure shows the improved AirVolution-D performance, and not just over the competition but over other MacroAir fans as well. The AirVolution-D has 6% more airflow than the AirSpan and 10% more than the competitor’s 24-foot fan.

7. Makes Real-Time Adjustments

The AirVolution-D HVLS fan is constantly taking in information like input power, environmental conditions and fan loads to make real time adjustments.

On-board sensors can take into account and make real time adjustments for:

  • Input power
  • Environmental conditions
  • Full automation
  • Easy control

8. Remote Download for Software Updates

Software updates can be remotely downloaded so that your system is always running off of the latest technology and your investment won’t become outdated.

9. Installation Time is Cut in Half

Gearless motors in HVLS fans have streamlined installation process and cut installation time in half. With no guy wires and the simplified mounting system on the AirVolution-D, the installation process is safer, easier and faster.

Additional key benefits of the installation of the AirVolution-D include:

  • All mounting hardware included
  • Shorter minimum clearance from blade to ceiling
  • Significantly lighter fan hanging weight

10. 50,000-Hour Warranty

An HVLS fan warranty can save you time and money, while providing the peace of mind that your fan will operate efficiently for years to come. The AirVolution-D is the only HVLS fan on the market with 50,000 hours of warranty coverage and differs from the competition in that the warranty does not require a factory installation.


Finding the most cost-effective cooling solution matters to facility managers. Whether the warehouse problems are cooling costs, a pleasant work environment, or even increased productivity, HVLS fans are an ideal solution to solve these common warehouse cooling problems. The AirVolution-D is the only HVLS fan on the market with a gearless motor, allowing it to offer a greater lifespan, wider range of input voltages, additional safety features and the ability to run at higher temperatures. Compared with other 24-foot fans on the market, it is the best.

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