The summer months are over and as winter approaches you may be dealing with the last few weeks of high temperatures. It is extremely important that warehouse managers still address the remaining days of hot weather. The extreme heat can damage or destroy inventory and can cause more errors as employees feel less productive under heat stress. In this blog, you will find some ways on how to stay cool in a hot warehouse by utilizing high-volume, low-speed fans (HVLS) fans.

Maximize Warehouse Cooling Systems

An HVAC system can’t always provide the cooling needed for a warehouse, especially in a large enclosed building where airflow is limited. If air conditioning is not doing the job, HVLS fans can help with the airflow.

MacroAir HVLS fans create a cooling effect, helping control the effects of humidity and hot weather. The large circumference and specially designed airfoils allow MacroAir HVLS fans to move massive columns of air. One HVLS Fan can cover up to 20,000 square feet compared to 34 small industrial fans or conventional ceiling fans covering the same area.

HVLS fans are also the perfect complement to an HVAC system because of the energy savings they create. MacroAir HVLS fans reduce energy consumption by supplementing HVAC systems, which can contribute up to a 20% reduction in energy usage. So any size warehouse can increase its thermostat by 5° and could see up to 20% reduction in cooling costs.

Cool Inventory

Keeping your warehouse cool is always essential, but it is especially important when a warehouse utilizes refrigeration systems to cool inventory to keep products fresh.

Like HVAC systems, refrigeration systems are best at pushing cold air into spaces. But these spaces are still vulnerable to thermal layering, a situation where cooler air sinks to the bottom of an area while warm air rises to the top. MacroAir HVLS fans help equalize the air in refrigerated spaces so that inventory closer to the ceiling is the same temperature as inventory at the floor level.

Make Employees Feel like They Are Working Outside

Heat isn’t only a problem for inventory, it can also result in unhappy warehouse workers and pose a risk to occupational safety. No one likes to work in the heat and employees will be less motivated to do their best work. A cool warehouse will help keep morale and productivity high.

Heat exhaustion is common when it gets hot in a warehouse and can be caused by high temperatures or humidity. Heat sources like heavy machinery also can lead to employees having an increase in errors, which will not only hurt the employee but will also slow down productivity and waste precious production time. According to a NASA study on heat stress, when temperatures are over 80°, it has a negative effect on both the productivity and accuracy of work.

Heat exhaustion can cause a decrease in awareness and performance and can even lead to heat-related illness, which can be extremely dangerous in a warehouse environment. Symptoms of heat illness include high fevers, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting.

An immediate response to heat illness or heat stroke is to have employees drink a lot of water and take frequent breaks, but if this continues to be a challenge for your employees you will need a long-term cooling solution for your warehouse.

MacroAir HVLS fans can create balanced airflow throughout warehouse spaces. The cool air from MacroAir HVLS fans protects inventory and product, as well as increases worker comfort, resulting in increased productivity.

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