Three Tips To Help Save Money For Your Business With Big Ceiling Fans

April 11, 2018 by Patrick Munar


There are many reasons why Precision in Movement—an athletic training and rehab facility in San Bernardino, California—utilizes MacroAir’s big ceiling fans. One of the main reasons they picked MacroAir is the savings they gained for their business by using MacroAir fans for air distribution instead of installing a comparatively expensive HVAC system.

“With our 14,000 sq ft. facility we had to think about how much air would be needed to cool or heat up the area. We got different quotes from different contractors and it was going to be upwards of $300,000 to $400,000 to upgrade this facility. We wanted to look at a more cost-effective way of cooling and heating our facility and that’s why we chose MacroAir.” – Dr. Peter Lingas, Founder, Precision in Movement.

Here are three tips to help you save money when considering purchasing big ceiling fans for your business:

1. Pick The Right Solution

Whether you have a start-up or an established business, MacroAir big ceiling fans help you save money by either being a your primary airflow solution to cool and heat your facility or they can be the perfect complement to your existing HVAC system.

2. Pick The Right Place

Even if you purchase a big ceiling fans that moves air efficiently, you won’t maximize its benefits if the fan is installed in the wrong place in your facility. Make sure it has a clear path and is installed in an optimal position to provide sufficient airflow to occupants.

3. Pick The Right Fans

There are many different big ceiling fans on the market today. Make sure to choose a fan that is big enough to generate sufficient airflow in your space, but not so big that it is ineffective in cooling or heating your facility.

Before you decide on a specific fan, it’s helpful to see how the airflow will affect your space. AirViz, MacroAir’s virtual airflow simulation software provides you with an opportunity to actually see the potential airflow of the fans in your space.  With AirViz, you get a scientifically proven recommendation on how many fans to get and where to place them in your facility.

Click the link below to see how MacroAir big ceiling fans can provide your facility with the airflow it needs to keep your employees or customers comfortable.

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