One of the best characteristics of HVLS fans is versatility. Fans come in many shapes and sizes, meaning they can be useful in all types of spaces. But there are some spaces where HVLS fans are especially popular.

Here are four common places where you can find an HVLS fan and a few reasons why they are popular in these spaces:

1. Bars and restaurants

The restaurant industry continues to enjoy steady year-over-year growth. Combination restaurants that feature breweries and distilleries are more popular than ever before. Many of these restaurants and breweries occupy large, open spaces with high ceilings, making them difficult to heat and cool. HVLS fans are great for restaurants and bars because they help control the climate and don’t cost an arm and a leg to run.

2. Public transit areas

Planes, trains and metro systems are all highly valuable to city infrastructures. Unfortunately, they can also get bogged down by massive crowds – especially in high-population areas. If you’ve ever been on the platform of a subway system during rush hour or waited at the gate for a packed plane you’ve experienced this situation.

HVLS fans are ideal in these spaces because they deliver the fresh air, ventilating the space, and they spread cooled air throughout the area. When lots of people are standing together in close quarters, it can quickly become uncomfortable. Fans help provide a consistent breeze that makes lobbies, terminals and train platforms more temperate.

3. Large warehouses

Warehouses built to store inventory and equipment are very large – tens or sometimes hundreds of thousands of square feet. Even if these spaces have HVAC systems that pump out hot and cold air, it’s not easy to move this air throughout such a massive space.

That’s why HVLS fans are so popular in large warehouses. Their size allows them to generate massive columns of air that move air throughout the space. With multiple HVLS fans, it’s possible to create steady airflow even in humungous storage and distribution centers with high ceilings.

4. Gyms and recreation centers

Across the country, more and more people are signing up for and using gyms, health clubs and recreation centers. These facilities are great for staying in shape and improving health, but they can be hard to cool for a number of reasons – large buildings, lots of people, and high moisture levels from sweat, pools and saunas.

HVLS fans work well in health and fitness facilities because of their impact on a space’s effective temperature. By generating huge amounts of airflow, an HVLS fan can lower a space’s effective temperature by as much as 8 degrees, making the room feel cooler.

The Last Word on Popular Places for HVLS Fans

While you may find HVLS fans in areas like these, there are plenty of other buildings where a fan can be a critical part of the climate control solution. If you’re not sure if an HVLS fan is right for you, do some research or get in touch with a specialist to see which type of fan best suits your environment.

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