2018 Year in Review: Highlight Video for Big Fans in Industrial Spaces

Big ceiling fans gained popularity for cooling and heating warehouse spaces in 2018. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of my top picks for MacroAir’s best big fan installations in warehouses over this past year. Read more


2018 Year in Review: Best Automotive Applications

December has arrived and the finish line is in sight. Before you hang up our fans for another year, in order to celebrate the holidays, here’s a little throwback to reflect on some of our successful installations of big fans in automotive centers. From heating an automotive space during winter in South Dakota to cooling down customers in a collision center in Philadelphia during summer, our MacroAir large fans have been able to change the way automotive repair shops run. Read more


MacroAir Makes Customer Experience a Breeze

Meet MacroAir Technical Support Specialist, Keegan McGinnis; web coder, game developer, guitar player and large fan technical support extraordinaire. His passion to help others and customer service expertise led to the successful installation of MacroAir large fans as part of the building management system in the Salesforce Transit Center. Read more

feature architect mag image

Article: MacroAir Fans Spin Indoor Air Quality Into the Future


Now more than ever large commercial ceiling fans are sought after for the positive impact they make on human comfort. In a recent article for Architect Magazine, the benefits of MacroAir’s big ceiling fans as a viable technology to help increase indoor air quality were highlighted. Read more

Image campus rec

Interview: Big Commercial Ceiling Fans Revolutionize Airflow for Fitness Facility


Recently MacroAir contributed an interview for Campus Rec Magazine that highlights how MacroAir big commercial ceiling fans aided Precision in Movement—an athletic training and rehab facility in San Bernardino, California—in creating a comfortable workout environment for the athletes that train there. Read more

Southeast Tech

Feature Story: More Than a Pretty Fan


In the latest issue of Green Building and Design Magazine, MacroAir fans contributed an informative article discussing how MacroAir’s big commercial ceiling fans aid in human wellness, create sustainability and are the perfect fit for a new student hub facility. Read more


How AirViz Helps Tell the Design Story for Theater Program

The theater arts program at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA is constantly learning how to deliver and perform well-told stories for their audiences. When the theater program looked to turn the school’s old basketball gym into an interim performing arts building, they found the perfect space to refine their acting and performance skills, except for one challenge: with no air conditioning, the air quality was almost unbearable for the actors. The Mater Dei theater program needed to find a viable airflow solution that would create the comfort needed for their performers. Read more

AVD 370 for $2,950!

Section 179 Tax Incentive: What You Need to Know

In 2008, Congress approved a popular tax deduction (IRS Section 179) for small to medium size businesses that make qualified equipment purchases. This means businesses that purchase and install MacroAir fans (a qualified equipment purchase) in 2017 may receive significant tax savings in year one of owning the fans. Read more

Fan Performance Data Requirements per DOE

Consistent, industry-wide performance testing is now available for the entire fan industry – including large fans!  The industry’s irregular measurement practices are coming to an end. As mandated by the Department of Energy (DOE), all manufacturers must remove all fan performance data and replace it with new data gathered through the new testing methods. If companies don’t participate in the new testing, they may not publish any fan performance data. Read more

Aeratron Fans Big Airflow in Small Spaces

4 Benefits of Using a Residential Ceiling Fan with Three Blades

Aeratron Fans Big Airflow in Small SpacesEveryone has seen a residential ceiling fan with four or more blades – it’s been a staple in most homes and small offices since its invention around the beginning of the 20th century. But in the decades since, fan technology has changed tremendously. There are a number of reasons that you should look into a fan with fewer blades than most other ceiling fans:

Read more