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Cool: Big Fans in a Creative Office Space


Creativity is the foundation for the work done at Community Works Design Group, a landscape architecture firm in Southern California. CWDG creates fun and innovative landscape designs for its surrounding communities.  To keep the CWDG office the coolest space it can be they decided to put a MacroAir big commercial fan in their space which has inspired the staff to create some of their best work yet.

HVLS Industrial Fans Provide Value to Your Warehouse


Warehouses are designed to be very large – tens or hundreds of thousands of square feet. Even with HVAC systems, it’s not easy to effectively move air throughout such a massive space.

That’s why High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) ceiling fans are so popular in large spaces. Their size allows them to generate massive columns of air that spread throughout the entire space benefitting workers and assets. With multiple large ceiling fans, it’s possible to create steady airflow even in expansive spaces with high ceilings.

Manufacturing Centers are Benefiting from HVLS Industrial Fans


United Pacific’s California distribution center carries a variety of over 20,000 items for the heavy-duty trucking and classic car industries. With vast inventory and prompt shipping, United Pacific has become a main source for specialty automotive parts. United Pacific’s huge space and demanding work has also created the challenge of keeping their employees’ environment comfortable. While there are a number of options United Pacific could use for cooling its distribution center, they chose high volume, low speed (HVLS) industrial fans to create massive airflow for a more comfortable work environment.

Start to Plan for HVLS Fans in Your Warehouse


As the Copywriter at MacroAir I am responsible for developing editorial material you might enjoy. How do I accomplish that you ask?  I put a lot of effort into planning what I am going to write about. Getting the most value out of high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans for your warehouse is similar. It’s all about how you plan for it. With help from MacroAir team member Kamel Zeidan, we will go over factors to consider when planning for HVLS fans.

How HVLS Fans Help Define a Campus Identity

Southeast Tech

How can higher education institutions ensure that students can transition from learning to working in an ever-changing technological workplace? Spatial design is a process in which elements such as High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans are used to achieve the goal of creating education spaces that encourage productivity and collaboration.

With a goal of spatial design, Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls, South Dakota developed a new student hub facility using MacroAir fans to provide a comfortable climate for this unique educational space.

Balancing Fan Aesthetics and Performance


How to Sort Through HVLS Fan Beauties and AirFlow Beasts

Visual presentation is usually the first thing that determines if we will use a product or not. We will typically gravitate to a car because it looks like a jet, knowing very well it can’t fly. The way it looks is the impression that will influence our decision-making process. The challenge is being able to look past just the visual and finding products that are both aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional. Here you will find how to sort through the different High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fan looks on the market and find a fan that is visually pleasing and works even better.