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4 Tips on How to Make Your Workspace More Energy Efficient in the Winter

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Winter has arrived and now it’s an on-going challenge for businesses to keep their buildings at a comfortable temperature for employees. HVAC is the most common method for heating large spaces during winter, but it comes with a cost of higher electricity bills. Even though workspace efficiency can seem allusive during the winter months, don’t worry; I have 4 tips on innovative technologies that create ways to conserve energy at work.

Large Ceiling Fans Help Industrial Facilities Save Energy


The Mission is Less Emissions

Of the total energy consumed in the United States, about 40% is used to generate electricity, making electricity use an important part of every building’s environmental footprint. MacroAir large ceiling fans are used to lower energy consumption by reducing HVAC tonnage and creating balanced air movement throughout an industrial facility.

LEEDing the Way with Sustainable Solutions

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What is LEED?

Have you ever sat in a building and wondered what its environmental impact may be? It’s probably not a thought that regularly crosses our minds. When thinking about our environmental impact, we typically consider cars, factories, or smog. However, in 2000, the environmental impact of buildings became a focus of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and they devised a standard to measure a building’s impact on the local and global environments. To this end, they developed a credential system for buildings which limits resource usage and overall environmental impact, known as “LEED”.

For more than 16 years, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) has been certifying buildings across the country; you may have even seen its plaques on buildings you pass every day. LEED has expanded and now operates in over 150 countries worldwide. They have since become the international standard for structural environmental credentialing with green building councils established across the world. By creating a standardized set of goals, LEED set the bar for sustainability and efficiency, thereby helping all structures to be environmentally conscious when building or refurbishing.

How HVLS Fans Help Create Net Zero Energy Buildings


how-hvls-fans-help-create-net-zero-energy-buildingsA Net-Zero Energy Building creates enough energy on site to meet or exceed its energy consumption. Net-Zero consumption is possible through the facility’s ability to generate power from renewable sources and its extremely energy efficient systems. Net-Zero buildings are the next frontier in energy efficient architecture, and there are several ways a building can be designed to reach net zero energy consumption.

How to Reduce Energy Consumption with an HVLS Fan

How to Reduce Energy Consumption with an HVLS Fan

How to Reduce Energy Consumption with an HVLS FanThe use of energy is an important concern facing today’s architectural engineers, building designers, and facility managers. Considering the nonrenewable nature of many traditional forms of energy, it’s critical that buildings and their systems are created with the goal of using as little energy as possible. HVLS fans can help reduce energy consumption in many important ways.