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Three Tips To Help Save Money For Your Business With Big Ceiling Fans

BP Image Precision in Movement


There are many reasons why Precision in Movement—an athletic training and rehab facility in San Bernardino, California—utilizes MacroAir’s big ceiling fans. One of the main reasons they picked MacroAir is the savings they gained for their business by using MacroAir fans for air distribution instead of installing a comparatively expensive HVAC system.

Save Money on Heating Costs with Big Fans


Warm Air Stuck at the Ceiling?

When you own or manage a large open space facility, you constantly have to evaluate heating costs against employee comfort and productivity. The success or failure of your temperature control system to move, treat, and direct airflow sets the stage for the cost and comfort of your facility.

In the winter, warm (and expensive!) air rises. If your workforce can’t feel the air warmed by the HVAC system, you are wasting your resources. And heat trapped at the ceiling will soon be lost through the roof.

How Running your Fan in Reverse Brings Your Heating Costs Down


how-hvls-fans-protect-your-inventoryDuring colder months of the year, the blades of top HVLS fans can run in reverse to break up pockets of warm air near the ceiling of a warehouse or manufacturing center and bring the heat down to the occupied space. Air settles into layers with the warmest air at the top. HVLS fans reclaim this warm air by pulling it off the ceiling and returning it to the occupied space.

Top 10 HVLS Fan Cost Saving Tips


An HVLS FanNot only will HVLS fans help control the temperature of your facility, they’ll also help you control your budget. There are many ways that HVLS fans can save money: here are the ten most important things to remember if you want to cool down your spending along with your space: