Start to Plan for HVLS Fans in Your Warehouse

As the Copywriter at MacroAir I am responsible for developing editorial material you might enjoy. How do I accomplish that you ask?  I put a lot of effort into planning what I am going to write about. Getting the most value out of high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans for your warehouse is similar. It’s all about how you plan for it. With help from MacroAir team member Kamel Zeidan, we will go over factors to consider when planning for HVLS fans.

Work is Better With a Breeze 

There are many factors to consider when planning for operations in your warehouse. Employee comfort is among the biggest concerns. A Warehouse Operations Manager from a facility that initially did not use MacroAir HVLS fans stated his teammates concerns:

“Our teammates complained about the building being hot and not feeling comfortable.” – Director of Distribution Operations

If an industrial facility’s environment is too hot, cold, wet (sweating slab syndrome), stale or dry, the workforce will likely be much less comfortable and much less productive.

Heated Warehouse affecting worker productivity – MacroAir Fans

Don’t Overlook Your Most Important Asset

Workers and manager with documents

When planning operations for your warehouse, no matter the size of your facility you should always consider your biggest asset. You should always consider the people that are working in the space day-to-day. The productivity and overall wellness of these hard working employees is dependent on the type of environment they are in.

MacroAir HVLS Fans are the Solution

HVLS ceiling fans create comfortable airflow throughout large spaces. MacroAir fans increase employee comfort, resulting in increased productivity and thus improves operations.

“My team loves the air movement in the facility. Morale is high.” – Director of Distribution Operations

Benefits of MacroAir HVLS fans in warehouses:

  • Distributes cooler air during the hot summer months and heated air during winter.
  • Specially designed large fan blades create slow-moving columns of air with wider reach.
  • One MacroAir large Industrial fan cools approximately 22,000 square feet compared 34 small high speed fans.
  • Perfect for distributing temperatures in a building with palletized storage.
  • Delivers air precisely, compared to traditional commercial fans, exhaust fans or HVAC systems alone.

MacroAir HVLS fans are the perfect complement to HVAC systems. HVLS ceiling fans reduce energy costs by supplementing the HVAC system, which can contribute up to a 20% reduction in energy usage. any size warehouse can increase or decrease its thermostat by 5° and would see up to 20% reduction in cooling or heating costs.

Don’t Just Think of a Plan, Visualize the Plan

AirVolution_AirViz BP Image

AirViz, MacroAir’s virtual airflow simulation software provides facility managers with an opportunity to try MacroAir’s large industrial fans before you buy them. AirViz turns guesswork into an accurate visuals through the power of computational fluid dynamics (CFD).  Click here to try MacroAir HVLS fans before you buy.

MacroAir Technologies develops the latest in innovative large industrial fan technology, providing a more efficient means of keeping employees comfortable and energy efficiency for large spaces, which helps warehouses maintain quality work output and a more sustainable environment.

Click the link below to learn more about how MacroAir HVLS fans can increase comfort and cool down your warehouse.


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