Smart Decision Making Tool – AirViz

You may already know that MacroAir high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans are a proven solution for changing perceptible room temperature by 5 degrees, and lowering heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent when used with traditional HVAC equipment.

You may also know that MacroAir manufactures five lines of HVLS fans in diameters from 6 to 24 feet, all of which feature six airfoil blades using NASA-engineered wing design and MacroAir’s patented 6ixBlade™ technology.

Now you’d like the opportunity to see how many fans you need and how they will affect airflow in your space before you make that important purchase.

You can do just that with AirViz, our new accessible web-based tool that allows you to view pre-simulated fluid dynamics models of MacroAir fan performance.

AirViz is MacroAir’s computational fluid dynamics modeling tool that puts the airflow of our fans at your fingertips. We’ve engineered a way for you to see the specifics of a MacroAir fan within a space similar to your application through a 3D motion video. It replicates the performance of each of our fans by comparing simulations with live wind speed testing. You’ll be able to see the area a MacroAir fan will cover and how many fans you may need to improve the airflow in your space.

AirViz is a way for customers who want to make a smart decision to “try before they buy.” Now you can be absolutely confident that our fans will produce the best airflow in your space, which will result in energy and cost savings.

See AirViz in action and test out fans for yourself.

Eddie Boyd

President & CEO at MacroAir
With an emphasis on scientific development and innovation, Boyd works closely with MacroAir engineers and provides a visionary direction that keeps the company aligned with its long-standing goal: creating superior products that move air efficiently.
Eddie Boyd