Save Money on Heating Costs with Big Fans

March 16, 2017 by Patrick Munar

Warm Air Stuck at the Ceiling?

When you own or manage a large open space facility, you constantly have to evaluate heating costs against employee comfort and productivity. The success or failure of your temperature control system to move, treat, and direct airflow sets the stage for the cost and comfort of your facility.

In the winter, warm (and expensive!) air rises. If your workforce can’t feel the air warmed by the HVAC system, you are wasting your resources. And heat trapped at the ceiling will soon be lost through the roof.

Winter Usage: Reverse Fan Direction

Initially the ceiling temperature in the room represented below is 10° higher than ground level. As the HVLS fan runs in reverse, it easily addresses the issue of heat layers by de-stratisying and re-distributing the air.

Diagram of how fans warm areas in winter

Pairing your HVAC system with HVLS fans will yield a minimum of 20% savings on your heating costs. HVLS fans efficiently mix the air in your facility to increase the comfort at ground level and reduce heat loss through the roof. This simple, yet highly effective solution makes HVLS fans a year round climate control solution for your facility.

See it in Action

This smoke test video showcases how a large diameter fan runs in reverse to powerfully and uniquely move air:

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