Reverse Your Thinking on What Big Ceiling Fans Can Do

March 28, 2018 by Patrick Munar


Schulte Subaru in Sioux Falls, SD is a 50,000 sq. ft. car dealership that sells and maintains quality Subaru vehicles. MacroAir big ceiling fans provide quality airflow and heat distribution for the space in ways you may not have thought the fans could work.  

Quality Air Movement in Both Directions

Innovatively designed, MacroAir fans cool the dealership down during the hot summer months. What you may not know about the fans is that through the fans’ reverse function, MacroAir fans help distribute heat throughout the space during the extremely cold winters. Yes, you read that correctly, MacroAir big ceiling fans heat the dealership just as well as they cool it off.

 “The heat from the fans work, instead of heat rising, the fans keeps the area where we are working perfect.” – Michael Dirito, Body Shop Technician, Subaru

The fans’ reverse function heats up the dealership by pushing warm air provided by the building’s heating system upward and outward, forcing the hot air to distribute down the building walls and evenly across the floor. The fans move the collected warm air, which provides a comfortable climate for the dealership’s staff and customers.


Backwards Thinking is a Good Thing  

“In the winter these fans also help us because they move the airflow around in the shop, they keep the heat circulating.”– Travis Johnson, Service Director, Subaru

Conventional thinking would have you believe that big commercial ceiling fans – or ceiling fans in general – are only good for cooling down a space.  For Schulte Subaru, running MacroAir fans in reverse is the preferred direction for heating the service bay during cold winters.

Click the link below to see how our big ceiling fans can help cool or heat up your automotive space.


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