MacroAir’s HVLS Performance Guarantee

April 15, 2010 by Patrick Munar

So in case you haven’t noticed, let me make it clear that I take incredible pride in this company and the products that we make.  I know the quality of our fans and the amount of time and research that we invest in producing the very best HVLS fans in the industry.

But it doesn’t do much good for me just to tell you that.  I want you to see and experience for yourself just how great our HVLS fans are! I know that there are other brands on the market, but I also know that when my father invented this HVLS technology, he had the knowledge and foresight to make the best and most innovative air movement systems possible and that is a legacy that I have worked very hard to continue.

So, how can we prove to you that our fans are better than anything else out there?  Well starting today, we are issuing a performance guarantee.  We want our fans to speak for themselves and we are sure that once you see them working next to our competition that you will be convinced that MacroAir simply offers the best HVLS air movement systems on the market.

Our Performance Guarantee:
Purchase a MacroAir fan. Install it where it can be tested and compared to any competitor’s HVLS fan of equal diameter and horsepower.  If after a 30-day comparison, it is not your opinion that the MacroAir model affected more space and generally felt better than our competition, send the undamaged MacroAir fan back to 794 South Allen St. San Bernardino, California 92408 and receive a full refund or credit.

MacroAir simply offers the most functional and durable HVLS fans on the market!  Let our fans speak for themselves and you will be convinced!

We guarantee it!

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