Updated July 20, 2021.

Many restaurants during Covid-19 focused on outdoor dining, which was a delicious relief for those of us who were tired of cooking for ourselves. In many states like California, the outside temperatures are moderate enough not to require HVAC systems. But in states like Arizona, Texas, and Florida, to name just a few, outdoor fan cooling systems are the key to making sure customers are comfortable as they’re enjoying their meals. Now that indoor dining has returned, we’re still seeing lots of restaurants focus their business on outdoor dining.

Today, HVAC and ventilation systems also play a critical role in helping people stay safe and healthy—by circulating the air, elevating airspeeds, and reducing humidity in your outdoor space. Since people typically stay at restaurants for an extended period, having airflow circulate in a controlled way is extremely important. Restaurants with a covered outdoor patio, pergola, or outdoor seating areas have more obstruction to natural air movement, so require extra help to flush out the air.

In areas where air conditioning is not possible, such as outdoor dining or open-air restaurants, an outdoor ceiling fan is a great option that also gives your establishment a classy ambiance.

MacroAir is not chicken when it comes to showcasing its outdoor ceiling fans’ capabilities, especially when highlighting The Crack Shack, a modern, open-air restaurant in Encinitas, California, where you can enjoy top-quality fried chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This hip Southern California-based restaurant and one-of-a-kind culinary experience utilize nothing but the best ingredients and, of course, big commercial ceiling fans.

Check out the variety of large commercial ceiling fans that may benefit your restaurant or bar.


MacroAir’s big commercial outdoor ceiling fans not only cool and enhance the visual experience of The Crack Shack, but they also help provide extra ventilation for their outdoor area. Through MacroAir fans’ reverse function, the industrial ceiling fans can help control and prevent discomfort in hot indoor or outdoor environments. The Crack Shack’s kitchen is a perfect example of where the stoves and ovens generate a great deal of smoke and heat. If the Crack Shack’s kitchen wasn’t ventilated properly, it would create a very uncomfortable environment and miserable experience for employees and customers.

MacroAir fans provide evenly balanced airflow, which allows fresh air to reach the entire restaurant and the contaminants that were previously trapped in the restaurant to be circulated out of the doors and openings in the ceiling. Fresh air dilutes the concentrated contaminants, eliminating airborne health hazards and odors. Utilizing a big outdoor ceiling fan in open-air establishments is an excellent business investment.

MacroAir outdoor ceiling fans come with aerodynamic ceiling fan blade designs that move air across vast distances. For restaurant owners and managers, ceiling fans can make a huge difference in thermal comfort by reducing temperatures and humidity levels with fan speed and cool air.

Proper ventilation gives not only your customers but also your employees a safer work and dining experience. Ceiling fans improve ventilation to rid airborne particles and health hazards and eliminate stale air and odors, so your customers can focus on what they need to – the taste of your delicious food. Air circulation is the best way to help people stay safe.

“The feature I like the most is the reverse functionality. When running in reverse, the fan actually pulls air up and away and helps ventilate the room.” – Abraham Jimenez, General Manager, The Crack Shack

If you are looking for an affordable way to provide your customers with a safer indoor or outdoor dining experience, consider adding a large commercial ceiling fan to your restaurant.

Cooling Down a Cool Restaurant WITH HVLS FANS

“The airflow from the fans was instant relief for the guests as well, because it gets hot under that big barn. It feels really nice; it feels great.” – Abraham Jimenez, General Manager, The Crack Shack

From the food preparation space to the main seating area, the cooler airflow created by the fans creates a more comfortable environment, which helps the employees and customers enjoy Crack Shack’s unique restaurant experience.

Remember, comfortable customers will return to their favorite restaurants and establishments with outdoor space. Make sure you are on the list of favorites with a MacroAir HVLS fan.

Click the link below to see how MacroAir’s big fans can create a more comfortable experience for your customers and staff.

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