Meet MacroAir Technical Support Specialist, Keegan McGinnis; web coder, game developer, guitar player and large fan technical support extraordinaire. His passion to help others and customer service expertise led to the successful installation of MacroAir large fans as part of the building management system in the Salesforce Transit Center.

I Fix Large Fans

In speaking to how Keegan’s unique characteristics add to his role of Technical Support Specialist, Keegan said:

“Three words people would use to describe me: intuitive, creative and a little witty. I can be witty.”

Along with Keegan’s interesting personality, he also has detailed knowledge of how large diameter fans work and understands that these fans ultimately make people feel comfortable, productive and regenerative through optimal air movement. Because of his understanding of the capabilities of large fans, Keegan is effective at making the customer experience feel easy.

The Customer Experience That Everyone is Looking For

Keegan is a great example of how MacroAir’s culture cares about the development and customer support of its fans.

“MacroAir is one giant family, everybody here knows each other and is extremely friendly. This motivates us to make sure that when you buy a MacroAir fan you get the proper customer experience that everyone is looking for.”

Let’s Get This Guy’s Fans Running

The Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco, CA is a $2.3 billion project that is 1.5 million square feet total and has been more than 10 years in the making. For Keegan, providing a quality customer experience for the use and installation of 27 MacroAir fans was a huge challenge, which he gladly took on.

Keegan took a personal approach to assisting the staff at Salesforce Transit Center in order to navigate the challenges of multiple staff members working on the fans.

“I Initially started building the profiles for the fans, kept remoting in and even facetimed to look at fans that might have a problem, in the end we got all the fans working. I am extremely grateful that I got to have my own hand in this project because I made an impact for thousands of people that will walk through the Transit Center and stay cool.”

Keegan made a definite impact on the massive Salesforce Transit Center Project and typified what makes the MacroAir customer service experience special. From sales to customer support, MacroAir makes the customer experience a breeze.

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