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Introducing the MacroAir X Series Industrial Fan

We didn’t just invent the HVLS Fan, we set out to perfect it! The MacroAir X Series is the pinnacle of performance, quality and overall value. Crafted by the best teams in the industry to exceed the expectations of all and backed by the most experienced manufacturer in the HVLS industry (30 years of experience, if anyone is counting).

This fan boasts a bulletproof, industrial-grade, direct-drive motor/controller platform more powerful and far superior than any fan before it.  The MacroAir X Series is a true workhorse that can endure the harshest industrial environments without breaking a sweat. Its silent operation and slick design features make it an excellent choice for even the chicest of spaces.  Versatility paired with unmatched craftmanship makes the MacroAir X Series the perfect HVLS fan (or at least darn close).





  • 14 to 24 ft. diameter industrial commercial ceiling fan with aluminum blades
  • Powerful airfoil system provides balanced airflow and maximum efficiency
  • Wall control with variable speed, reverse functionality for heating or ventilation
  • Silver and black finish fits perfectly in any industrial space
  • IP65 rated motor
  • Standard NEMA1 / IP20 Control Panel
  • Suitable for spaces 4,000 sq. ft – 22,000 sq. ft
  • Reliable, heavy-duty direct-drive motor platform
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile mounting options, with or without guy wires
  • 208-240V – 15 +10 % Single or Three-phase 50/60 Hz,  control panel options
  • 380-500V -15+10% Three Phase 50/60 Hz control panel options.
  • Inexpensive to run: less than $1/day to operate (based upon 8-hours per day of operation)

See the new X Series on the MacroAir website:

MacroAir X Series industrial fans are available for order as of December 3, 2019.

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