Leverage Existing HVAC Systems With HVLS FansEfficient cooling and heating solutions are vital in today’s economy where companies have limited funds to spend on utility bills, but still need to keep their spaces cooled and heated as effectively they can. For those that want to maximize on the heating, ventilation and cooling efficiency of the existing HVAC systems in their facility, high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans are the perfect addition. There are several reasons why HVLS fans are surging in popularity.

Improved Cooling Efficiency

When HVLS fans are combined with an HVAC system they can make a facility much cooler, especially for employees that are working in the space. HVLS fans have the ability to increase the rate at which perspiration is evaporated from the skin, making employeesfeel 12 degrees cooler!

HVLS fans cool a facility so effectively that it can eliminate the amount of duct work needed to support an HVAC system. HVLS fans prevent condensation and quickly match the temperature of concrete floors to the temperature of the air in the space. This minimizes an effect known as sweating slab syndrome (SSS), which is when concrete sweats and builds up surface moisture, posing a serious safety risk in a warehouse or factory.

Better Heat Circulation

In a situation where it is cold outside and a building needs to be heated, HVLS fans can assist an HVAC system through a process known as destratification. When warm air is blown through a vent, it has a tendency to arrange in layers, with the warmest air closest to the ceiling. In order for an HVAC system to push out air forcefully enough to reach all areas of a large space, a great deal of power is required. HVLS fans can solve this problem. When the direction of the blades is reversed, the fan will eliminate these layers and push the warm air down from the ceiling.

By pushing warm air near the ceiling down to the floor while simultaneously pulling cool air up to the ceiling, HVLS fans make heating with HVAC systems require much less energy. Beyond the benefits of increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems in the winter, HVLS fans will also circulate the air in a building to make sure that it does not get stale. This will help protect the health of employees that are inside the building for a long period of time.

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