Let The Sunshine In!

January 28, 2010 by Patrick Munar

So I read an article that brought a smile to my face this morning.  This article began with the sentence, “It’s warm, it’s bright, it’s all around us – and most of us think we should use more of it.”  The article then goes on to say that Americans generally think that we should be exploring the use of solar power, making the suggestion that solar energy should even be made a national priority!

Why does this bring a smile to my face?  Well, because MacroAir recently launched a solar-powered fan, the MacroVoltaic.  The launch of our solar fan was especially exciting and well received, as it is the only solar HVLS fan on the market.  We believe that solar power is the future, not only in our industry, but in finding efficient and environmentally-friendly energy alternatives.

And, we are extremely proud to have been the first in the industry to embrace this technology and offer a solar-powered fan.  The transition to solar power was an easy one for us because all of our fans are already so energy efficient that they require little power to run.  Because they use less power, fewer panels can be used and because fewer panels are needed, they are more cost effective and able to offer significant energy savings!

I could go on and on about the ingenuity behind our MacroVoltaic and the numerous benefits of solar power, but I won’t get started here!  If you are interested in learning more about our solar fans, visit http://www.macro-air.com/macrovoltaic or call us at (866) 668-3247.

And yes, by all means – let’s let the sunshine in!

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