Large Diameter Fans Contribute to Design and Human Wellness

What draws people into a space? Most of the time it’s what we see when we walk through the door that attracts us to a structure. From natural lighting to an open-space design, a feeling is created based on design factors. How enjoyable that feeling is can determine how people function in that space.

Look to the Ceiling for Comfort

An often-untapped factor in building design is what you see and feel when you look up at the ceiling. More frequently architects are considering large diameter fans when creating human wellness for their building projects. Large diameter fans help improve comfort by creating optimal airflow and can add to the aesthetic of a building project.

MacroAir Provides a Resource for Architects and Engineers

MacroAir is constantly creating new content and resources to help architects and engineers specify MacroAir’s big fans into their projects. A main source for these resources is MacroAir’s architects and engineers page, which provides more access to the benefits of MacroAir fans. The architects and engineers page includes the following:

  • Design Stories – Compelling video testimonials demonstrating how architects from coast-to-coast use MacroAir fans in their projects.
  • Product Downloads – Easy access to a comprehensive array of drawing formats, specifications and installation manuals.
  • AirViz – Access to our cutting edge Computational Fluid Dynamics software, which allows architects and engineers to see the potential airflow in a building space before they spec our fans.
  • Continuing Education – Online and in-person continuing education courses that educate on how to optimize comfort and save on energy costs.
  • LEED Credits & Sustainability – MacroAir can contribute to achieving sustainability goals for any space by reducing energy consumption through optimized air movement.
  • Design Assistance – MacroAir is here to help, we provide personalized design assistance for architects and engineers.

The Bottom Line

MacroAir invented the large diameter ceiling fan, we know how our fans help improve comfort and we understand that the best way to make an impact on human wellness is through collaborating with architects and engineers. Check out the architects and engineers page by clicking the link below and see how MacroAir fans can help improve the comfort level for any space.

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Patrick Munar

Patrick Munar

Marketing Content Specialist at MacroAir Fans
Patrick Munar develops communication efforts in support of MacroAir’s position as the inventors and continual innovators of the HVLS fan. He shares insights on a variety of HVLS fan applications through the MacroAir Blog.
Patrick Munar