Big Fans for Places of Worship

MacroAir’s big fans can be a good fit for any space, especially in places of worship. Big commercial ceiling fans are quiet, so parishioners won’t be distracted by fast rotating ceiling fans.

HVLS—High Volume, Low Speed—fans move large amounts of air slowly, making them extremely energy efficient. HVLS fans can provide a level of comfort that standard and small ceiling fans cannot. Having many people gathered in a place of worship can create a hot environment, but a large HVLS fan can effectively cool down large worship spaces for only around $1 per day. If it is too cold in a facility (e.g. in Winter months), simply rotate the fans in the opposite direction to create a heating effect by pushing the warm air from the ceiling down to the floor.

Big Fans are Cost Effective for Non-Profits

Big commercial fans use a lot less energy than smaller fans because they push a lot of air and they work well with air conditioning systems. A big commercial fan can reduce the amount of electricity that your HVAC system uses each month, further improving your energy efficiency. Smaller ceiling fans only move a small amount of air and they are less efficient, so you might save on your initial investment but spend more long term. Also, if you are using smaller ceiling fans, you will need to install many more to get the same amount of airflow as a big commercial ceiling fan.


Some MacroAir customers have been able to reduce their air conditioning costs by a full 25% by turning up their thermostat while running the fans. For non-profits such as worship centers, saving money on air conditioning by using HVLS fans can free up money for more important uses.

Super Quiet Fans

HVAC systems can be noisy and distracting when trying to focus, especially in a place of worship. However, since HVAC is often necessary to reach the desired cooling temperature in a worship facility, complementing your HVAC with and HVLS fan will be much less noisy than using standard ceiling fans.

The Bottom Line

An HVLS fan can help with many of the cooling and heating challenges that places of worship face. They are quiet, cost-effective and look good in any space. They are not a distraction when trying to listen to a service in a place of worship and can make the space super comfortable.

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