Large Ceiling Fans Are Not Just for Manufacturing and Warehouse Spaces

May 15, 2019 by Shelby Kitson

MacroAir’s High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans are guaranteed to help with airflow and ventilation. This is how it all works: Air travels straight down and then moves along the floor outward towards the walls. No matter what space you’re looking to cool (or even heat), an HVLS fan can do the job. Most think the application of HVLS fans is only applicable in a large space such as warehouses or manufacturing spaces, but an HVLS fan can work in many more spaces than you might think!

HVLS Farm Fans

The invention of HVLS fan technology was inspired by the dairy industry when farmers discovered cooler cows can produce more milk. Large farm fans can also control moisture which decreases the chance of infections in dairy cattle. Reducing the moisture also keeps insects and birds away. Keeping insects and birds away using the large amount of slow-moving air from HVLS fans can help keep agricultural areas disease-free.

An HVLS fan can be perfect for farms and to help cool animals. The hotter the animal, the less productive they are. An HVLS fan will help cool the animal to make them more comfortable and more productive. On top of that, the air movement from the fan will help keep bugs and insects away from animals, making them happier than ever.

Large fans for agriculture, barns, stables, cows, horses, pigs, corn

Ceiling Fans for Automotive Shops

HVLS fans in the automotive industry are a big hit because of their ability to circulate air in a space where heat and fumes are generated. The fumes and heat make it dangerous and uncomfortable for employees working inside the building but thankfully HVLS fans can circulate the air making it comfortable and safe.

Air control in automotive facilities can help the following:

  • Operating machines which alter temperatures inside the space,
  • Fumes and chemicals from cars and automotive parts,
  • Garage doors that open and close constantly which disrupts the air temperature, and
  • High energy levels from lights, power tools, equipment etc.

HVLS fans can keep any automotive facility at a comfortable temperature which creates a healthy environment for workers, eliminates harmful fumes and conserves energy all at the same time.

Airport Hanger Industrial Ceiling Fans

It is difficult to keep temperatures at a comfortable level in garages and hangars, especially if they have high ceilings and fluctuating occupancy..

All of these facility characteristics call for huge air movement from big ceiling fans in order to keep airport staff and travelers comfortable. MacroAir’s HVLS fans can be found in aviation warehouses, airports and even in large aircraft hangars.

Big Fans for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions can benefit from HVLS fans for many reasons. Keeping an educational space cool and comfortable can encourage productivity and collaboration amongst students and staff. HVLS fans can also cut down on heat and cooling costs throughout large campuses by supplementing HVAC and being a cost-effective means of air distribution.

Southeast Tech Institute – MacroAir HVLS Fans – AirVolution-D (AVD) 550 – Architect Designed – School – Educational Facility


Garages during the summer heat can become dreadful to work in, especially when garage doors are opening and closing which disrupts air temperature. When garage doors are closed and there is no air movement, the garage can be 20 degrees higher than the temperature outside.

An HVLS fan can help create air movement and make it more bearable to be able to work inside of a garage during the heat. The airflow generated by HVLS fans cools down people using evaporative cooling, where airflow evaporates the sweat from the skin and creates a cooling effect.

Indoor Sports Ceiling Fans

Most gym owners rely on HVAC systems or the outside air to keep their gyms cool. If they do not utilize an HVLS fan, the environment can become humid and uncomfortable because the HVAC system is not removing an efficient amount of moisture or moving enough air. Humid air can create gross smells, bacteria and a hot and uncomfortable space.

HVLS fans can balance out air movement and cool down a musty gym and create a better experience for gym members.

Large Commercial Ceiling Fans for Public Spaces

Public spaces like restaurant patios, stadium concourses and other outdoor public gathering spaces can all use an HVLS fan. Members and costumers can feel more comfortable during hot summer days when walking around outside without having to ramp up an HVAC system.

As long as your outdoor space is covered, an HVLS fan can be installed. HVLS fans create less noise, operate efficiently and can even create a better aesthetic for your outdoor space.

AVD 550 Commercial Industrial Ceiling Fan – MacroAir HVLS Fans

Restaurant Ceiling Fans

Restaurants using HVLS fans are making the dining experience better for all. Restaurant ceiling fans help customers and employees feel more comfortable and also add an aesthetic look that people love!

Restaurants have to figure out how to make their space feel fresh but that is hard to do when ventilation and air movement is poor. When people want to enjoy food and drinks, they do not want to feel stuffy and hot. HVLS fans can help create air movement and cool down your restaurant space to keep customers wanting to come back for more!

The Bottom Line

HVLS fans are not just for manufacturing and warehouse spaces. They can work well in small spaces, garages, gyms, restaurants and even outdoor spaces. Have a space that needs more airflow to cool down or heat up? An HVLS fan can do the job, no matter what the space is.

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