Large Ceiling Fan Buyer’s Guide for Restaurants and Bars

January 24, 2019 by Patrick Munar

The Crack Shack—a modern, open-air culinary experience – co-created by celebrity Chef Richard Blais that serves top quality fried chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This hip, new Southern California-based restaurant utilizes nothing but the best in ingredients and, of course, large ceiling fans

Opening a new restaurant or bar is exciting. However, designing or upgrading an establishment can be overwhelming. The design of your restaurant or bar should align with its theme. A restaurant’s theme takes into account the atmosphere, the style, the seating and gathering places, and of course the food!

What many hungry visitors and vlogging foodies alike don’t realize is that there are many important systems and processes going on behind the scenes that make the theme of a restaurant come together and function. Ventilation and thermal comfort are two crucial elements of these behind the scenes systems that help restaurants run smoothly and successfully and at MacroAir we specialize in providing these solutions through—you guessed it—large ceiling fans for restaurants and bars.

In this blog you will find MacroAir’s large ceiling fan buyer’s guide for restaurants and bars featuring The Crack Shack to help entrepreneurs and restaurant owners ensure their dream eatery space has good air quality and comfortable temperatures for everyone they service.


The Large Ceiling Fan is a Must Have for Restaurants and Bars. Ask the Crack Shack   

Zoom Out: Thermal Comfort

The ingenuity in the design of large ceiling fans is that their aerodynamic blade design and blade length move air across far distances. For owners and developers thinking about purchasing restaurant ceiling fans or bar ceiling fans, this means that, with the right placement, the large ceiling fan concept can deliver moving air over every part of their interior, rather than only specific areas in close proximity to the fan. Why does this matter? Thermal comfort. If that term sounds unfamiliar, think temperature and humidity levels. Thermal comfort takes into account as many factors as possible having to do with the different aspects of design in a space as well as what activities people are doing in that space to figure out what temperature and humidity level is optimal for people to feel comfortable.

So, in effect, this is the science of hospitality, and good airflow is a powerful factor that can keep customers comfortable during their dining experience. Check out what Hunter Hastie, Assistant General Manager of the Crack Shack, had to say about the importance of airflow in The Crack Shack:

“We need to keep this place filled with clean air and the fans help us get that air flowing, moving around, and bringing in more fresh air. We definitely need that here.” – Hunter Hastie, Assistant General Manager at The Crack Shack Costa Mesa.

Zoom In: Ventilation

Now, when it comes to keeping the moving air generated by large ceiling fans fresh, not stale, ventilation is key. The design of every restaurant, bar or gathering place has to take this into account: where and how will I bring fresh air from the outside in and get the stale air that is inside out? Stale air simply shows up over time when the air that is currently in a space hasn’t been exchanged for air outside. When ventilation is poor, a space will start to feel stuffy, which is not ideal for a restaurant or bar where the end goal is to have people enjoy food and drinks and hang out.

The Crack Shack in Encinitas, CA incorporates ventilation into the structure of their building. The restaurant is an open-air concept, which means the interior is designed with different creative points of connection to the outdoors in mind. The Crack Shack Encinitas location has large bay doors and a retractable roof on one side of the building facing the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant is able to bring the fresh coastal air from outside to the customers so they can experience the feeling of an outdoor meal while enjoying the comfort and aesthetics of the indoor space.

The Crack Shack’s large ceiling fans enhance and optimize this ventilation strategy by circulating the air up and out of the bay doors and retractable roof to keep the air inside the restaurant feeling fresh.

“The feature (of the fans) I like the most is the reverse feature – the one that pulls air up and away and actually helps ventilate the room with that retractable roof. When it gets hot and we fire them up, it feels like it’s circulating air and making it more refreshing in here. It is open and we’re so close to the ocean, but when there’s no breeze and it starts to get a little stuffy in here we’re able to open these doors and we can keep that air circulating.” – Abraham Jimenez, General Manager at The Crack Shack Encinitas

When looking for the right product for purchasing ceiling fans for bars, an added benefit of the large ceiling fan is that the large, continuous amount of moving air produced by the large fan kills bacteria, gets rid of airborne health hazards and eliminates odors. Would you rather your customers be focused on the tastes and experience of their carefully crafted drinks and cocktails or distracted with various potentially unpleasant scents? Big ceiling fans can help you achieve the former!



The Science of Hospitality: AirViz

As beautifully displayed by The Crack Shack, the large ceiling fan can boost the hard work and efforts of the owners and workers of a restaurant or bar by nature of the fan’s ability to be precise, not random in its output. One of the unique offers of a MacroAir large ceiling fan is that it comes with the option of having an airflow simulation prior to purchase.

AirViz is software that MacroAir uses to build a 3D model of a customer’s space and create an animation of the big fan(s) of choice within that space to give an idea of the amount of airflow the customer can expect to experience. By collecting data on the performance capabilities of each of the different large ceiling fans offered by MacroAir, AirViz can take the guesswork out of how many and what type of fans to buy, making the restaurant or bar owner’s decision easier. When designing or upgrading a restaurant or bar, budget is important, and MacroAir’s AirViz program can make sure owners don’t overspend by helping them visualize exactly what they need before buying.

Check out this AirViz simulation we made of The Crack Shack below –


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Commercial large ceiling fans for restaurants and bars are a great strategy for enhancing an eatery experience. They not only ensure that customers feel comfortable during their stay, but the fans are also a nice aesthetic touch to the interior design. In addition to The Crack Shack, we’ve included a collection of pictures of MacroAir large ceiling fans in other restaurants and bars as a sample for you! Check out these pictures and click the link below to learn more about what product is a fit for you!

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