When you think of Coronavirus, do you think about ventilation? If you don’t, you should. Why? Because the air science experts at EPA, CDC, NCBI, WHO and Science Daily say that ventilation is a proven way to help improve overall indoor air quality. Ventilation means introducing fresh outdoor air, circulating this fresh air throughout your spaces and exhausting air through your HVAC filtration systems.

EPA highlights the importance of using increased ventilation to lower the concentrations of indoor air pollutants or contaminants, including any viruses that may be in the air.

How Does Natural Ventilation Work?

According to NCBI, “Natural forces (e.g., winds and thermal buoyancy force due to indoor and outdoor air density differences) drive outdoor air through purpose-built, building envelope openings. Purpose-built openings include windows, doors, solar chimneys, wind towers and trickle ventilators.”

While natural ventilation can help maintain good air quality, it doesn’t maintain a uniform air temperature, which limits its value.

Can HVAC Help with Ventilation?

HVAC systems help with distributing air and maintaining temperatures, but they consume vast amounts of energy and are expensive to run, and they typically don’t take in outside air. Also, CDC and NCBI both point out that, unless the ventilation air filters in HVAC systems are properly maintained, their saturation can lead to potential microbial growth and odor concerns.

How Do HVLS Fans Help with Ventilation?

HVLS fans supplement natural ventilation or HVAC systems and also reduce or eliminate inherent temperature and ventilation challenges.

Although a large building might have an air exhaust system in place, these systems often fail to thoroughly mix all of the inside air, and they get short circuited when doors and windows are opened and closed. Air pressure created in the suction of the exhaust looks to the path of least resistance and circumvents the intake devices.

HVLS fans eliminate this problem as they continuously mix incoming fresh air, vastly improving indoor air quality. Because HVLS fans constantly mix air from roof to floor, a constant state of thermal equilibrium exists inside the building.

Why Are MacroAir Fans the Best Solution?

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